Assembly coming up

Sphericalfruit writes:

sphericalfruit: Blackheath residents: the Assembly meets at St. Matthews Academy on 5th July at 7.30pm to vote on library budget @UKpling @blackheathbugle

If it’s as much fun as the last one I attended, it should be fabulous.

Which reminds me – Blackheath Society are asking for Christmas card designs. Mine’s below.
Never Mind the Library, at least there's no festival
Based on this photo from Flickr.

PS: Sorry for the lack of posts currently. New flat and new job don’t make for easy blogging. It will pick up soon hopefully. Please send me stuff if you think I’m missing things!


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3 responses to “Assembly coming up

  1. Can we all submit Christmas Card designs or is it a BS thing?

  2. Michele O'Brien

    Are you telling us you know something about the NIMBY pop festival that nobody else in Blackheath knows, Mr. ‘Orn?

    By next December when Blackheath Society is sending out its Christmas cards there could well be firm plans in place for the festival to go ahead on the heath in 2012.

    NIMBY called off the festival this year when it ran out of time to organize it because of the way the hearing of the Society’s appeal has dragged on since March.

    But if later this year Bromley Magistrates finally throw out the Society’s appeal the way will be clear for the festival to go ahead in 2012, and year on year after that, too, unless somebody comes up with another blocking tactic. This costly battle may be far from over, with both sides well dug in.

  3. Gill

    Here’s a full list of applications for funding, which people attending the Assembly will be able to vote on, copied and pasted from a Lewisham Council email message:
    “The projects seeking assistance from the £43,700 Assembly Fund are:
    £34,000 to help fund the cost of transitional Blackheath Village Library Facilities
    £6,150 to develop an interactive workshop and exhibition on the human rights convention with pupils of two local primary schools
    £9,922.50 to facilitate resident involvement in the regeneration of the Heathside & Lethbridge Estate
    £6,500 to provide summer activities for young people
    £3,990 to support ongoing ESOL classes and childcare provision for speakers of other languages
    £2,570 to deliver a programme aimed at promoting community cohesion amongst young and old. “

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