The Greenwich Park Encroachments…

If I had more time (which I don’t right now), I would take my GPS phone, and walk around all of the Olympic encroachments within Greenwich park. Trace a line exactly around the boundaries, and see that they match up exactly with what was promised. Trails is a good app to use for this. If anyone else has time, please send me the trails that you make! I can understand certain areas being fenced off, but is is really necessary to hang sheets over the fences to block the view?


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14 responses to “The Greenwich Park Encroachments…

  1. I use RunKeeper for my cycling training. Pretty good app as you can see the elevation on your routes.

    Have cycled many a time in Greenwich park while on my training for my London To Paris charity cycle ride

  2. david

    are we not becoming a little paranoid over this whole business?

    • it’s a small step from temporary structure to semi-permanent structure to permanent structure – look at the Millenium Wheel, for instance. All IMHO, I think it’s sensible to be on our guard about this. Greenwich park is prime real estate and I’m sure any number of developers would love to carve it up.

  3. Alan Burkitt-Gray

    Over the top, @henry, over the top. It’s a royal park. No developer is going to build on it, even if there were no nimbys to guard Greenwich.

  4. Michele O'Brien

    @ Alan Burkitt-Gray
    “… It’s a royal park. No developer is going to build on it …”

    Yep, Greenwich Park is a Royal Park (fanfare of trumpets). So who were the final arbiters on whether to let the horses in for the Olympics – and in the process tear the place up?

    The queen? Nope.
    Her government ministers? Nope.
    The Royal Parks Trustees? Nope.

    It was good old Greenwich Council, God bless ’em,.

    It’s a mistake to be taken in by names and titles. When it comes to grabbing open space for events, building development and money-making in general, especially in London where open space is at a premium, things can often be otherwise than they seem.

  5. Blackheathen

    Were any of you actually born in Blackheath? I love the fact we’ve got all this excitement going on in the park. Er, do any of you live near the heath? or on it? No. Thought not.


      Lived in south east london all my life – in greenwich since 1987 and had two stints in blackheath. 1) royal ‘drop some piss out of the window’ parade in the late 70s and the Hall in the mid-80s.

      I went into the Park yesterday evening and was thoroughly dis-chuffed about all the fences. I wonder how many of the people telling the antis to shut up about the Olympics are now thinking ‘ maybe they have a point’

      Has anyone been into the park recently? It’s a ******* mess.

      ‘narrow strips of land’ (LOCOG site) – my arse…

    • ThePirateKing

      So you’re suggesting that no one is entitled to express a view about Blackheath and the Park unless they were born here?

    • Born and raised. Live and work here. Not at all happy about the horse Olympics – think that there were better venues elsewhere that would have been less disruptive and damaging, that temporary structures are often the first step on a slippery slope towards permanent ones, that it’s overloading our already overloaded transport infrastructure and that any extra money coming in will get hoovered up by Lewisham and Greenwich Councils, both of whom fight tooth and nail over Blackheath until anything needs paying for, at which point neither is anywhere to be seen ;) Realistically the only tangible benefit will be a few busy days for local businesses, but even that’s being tempered by the protectionism of this Olympics’ corporate sponsors (look at the enforced temporary closure of the tea hut inside Greenwich Park for evidence of that).

  6. I live near the heath and Greenwich park. Been through there recently a few times and thought the site fenced off was pretty massive, but it didn’t particularly inconvenience me. If I take a walk through I shall try the Trails thing for you (I use that app quite regularly actually). Hopefully there’s nothing to worry about :)

  7. ElizaF

    I live in SE3 and walk through the park twice a day and until recently practically lived there come weekends – as far as I am concerned anyone who lives anywhere can have an opinion on what is being done to a PUBLIC park.

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