I’ve been embossed!

Went for a curry to recover from a day of wallpaper steaming at the lovely Spice of Life curry house, only to discover that they’ve put my review, and the reply on the back of their menus (the in-house ones, not the takeaways). What an honour!


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6 responses to “I’ve been embossed!

  1. Lara

    Hehehe! Cool! :) Congrats!

  2. Did you identify yourself and ask for a discount?

  3. Anonymous

    Did it match the superb objectivity of unmissable tomes such as the Meridian? You must use the term “delicious” at least 10 times to qualify.

    PS: A prize for anyone who has ever seen a bad review in this, or any other, local “magazine”.

  4. Michele O'Brien

    After a day of wallpaper steaming at the Spice Life one might have thought you’d had enough of curry for a while, Mr. ‘Orn. The smell must get into that flock wallpaper something awful.

  5. Keltoum

    I am surprised you have any money left to go to restaurants after buying your posh appartment in posh Blackheath!

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