Lunar Picnic on the Heath

Supermoon over Blackheath, taken by twitter user howierayner
UPDATE: Map and more info in this post.
Flamsteed (the amateur astronomers club, based at Greenwich observatory) wrote:

On 15 June,from 9pm onwards,we will be having a picnic on Blackheath with @ROGAstronomers to view the lunar eclipse. All welcome. #eclipsnic

According to @TimandraHarknes The total lunar eclipse is on 15th June, and starts when the moon rises at 2112 untill late. It should be in a South-East to South direction.

NASA Techy eclipse info here (PDF).

Photo shows a non-eclipsed Supermoon over Blackheath, taken by twitter user howierayner.


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4 responses to “Lunar Picnic on the Heath

  1. ThePirateKing

    Oh, interesting.

    Thanks as ever for the tip, Mr Bugle.

  2. What a wonderful idea. Hope the skies are clear.

  3. Whereabouts on Blackheath? I walked across it today and couldn’t help noticing how big it is :)

  4. Hi Jo,
    I’ve been checking out probable locations on the Heath this morning, and we will make an announcement next week.
    It’s likely to be close to the Blackheath Gate of Greenwich Park (across Shooters Hill Road) near the Long Pond Road pathway – but will confirm via Twitter next week (@Flamsteed).
    Flamsteed Astronomy Society.

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