Blackheath Bike and Kite Festival Cancelled

Blackheath Bike and Kite Festival
From the Blackheath Society’s website:

Bike & Kite Festival abandoned for 2011

The Society understands that this very successful event held in June will not take place this year as a result of the cuts. The Society is writing to Lewisham to request that the event be re-instated for 2012 – an important Jubilee year.

Such a shame. One of the best things about living in Blackheath. A really spectacular event. Ticks all the right boxes too – family friendly, encourages healthy lifestyles, etc. It’s something that was unique to the area. Maybe a rogue flash-mob festival should be organised regardless… Get the amazing Flying Squad kite flyers to come of their own accord (I’ve seen them practicing on the heath enough times), tell the organic chicken-burger-man from the farmer’s market to park his van by the side of the heath, and ask the crazy sound-system-on-a-morris-minor to provide the tunes.


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17 responses to “Blackheath Bike and Kite Festival Cancelled

  1. scared of chives

    what about the lamp posts – won’t they come under attack?

  2. Vicky

    Most importantly. It was free and brought a lot of pleasure to lots of families. Shame.

  3. Cancelled? Really? But this was a non-NIMBY event and everything! So how much was this particular cash cow costing? Surely peanuts right; it’s basically a load of kites….on the Heath. Not the sort of numbers I’d imagine to be bleeding the borough dry.

    • chad valley

      Honestly, if those Blackheath festival lot hadn’t taken up so much of the Blackheath Society’s time then this event may have got some of their attention.
      That’s the library closed and now this news all in one week. Clearly the cuts are beginning to kick in.
      It does seem a real shame that so much energy and money seems to have gone into fighting to stop something when perhaps our focus should
      have been on saving a few things instead.

  4. Barn

    Oh no. How ? What ? Why ?!

  5. Mat Gough

    This is a tragedy! This is EXACTLY the sort of community event that we should be seeing more of on the heath…. :-(

  6. Only just seen this. What a great shame.

    Heartily agree that this is one of those events that the Heath is absolutely perfect for.

    What cost is involved for the council?

    Totally agree with the ‘flash festival’ idea.

    • Anonymous

      A perfect opportunity for BIG SOCIETY!

      Get yer bikes ‘n kites out folks. Organise now!

      The Heathens, united, will never be defeated!!

  7. scoops

    whilst I share your disappointment, I’m more concerned that the council employee who organised this no longer has a job, along with many of her colleagues. Under the current government, local authorities no longer have any money to do nice things, and scarcely enough for essential things. Although I’m not sure which category People’s Day fits in

    • Mat Gough

      Scoops, you seem to know more about the ‘inside’ story here. Care to tell us who it is at the council who’s been sacked and why? Is there someone at the council we can write to/email to get this event passed on to someone else? There must still be people in that department!

  8. Angry Janice

    Everyone in the Blackheath Society should be asked to step down and new blood introduced. They have badly let down Blackheath yet again. Who needs enemies when you have the Blackheath Society?

    • Mat Gough

      Janice, you should perhaps calm down and read the article before commenting…. The Blackheath society have supported the bike and kite festival for years and it says in the article how disappointed they are.

      You make a good point about new blood though: Any community group is made up of it’s members, so rather than grumbling in a blog comment, why don’t you join the society? You could even stand for the committee. I for one would consider voting for you, as I’m sure would many other younger members of the society.

  9. ElizaF

    Damm shame. It was fantastic last year.

    Could the council not do what they did for the fireworks and let a fairground operate on the heath for the weekend to raise the revenue to fund the kite and bike?

  10. Anonymous

    this the kite festiv going to be on for 2012 if not why?

  11. Henry

    Disappointed…………..nothing more to say …….. :(

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