Delicious cake cooked by Mrs Bugle
I write about cake on the blog. Mrs Bugle actually cooks the cake! During her night shifts! All made with finest sourced Blackheath ingredients.

This is why she is a much better wife than I am a husband.

Goes very well with a bit of Laphroaig, especially whilst attempting to moderate 21 comments about lamp posts….


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7 responses to “Cake

  1. So you are a man then?

    And who doesn’t want to moderate posts about lamp posts!!! :D

  2. Mat Gough

    I promise to never mention lamp posts again (is it fixed yet BTW?) in return for more posts about cake, particularly ones that look as scrumptious as that one.

  3. scared of chives

    @ Mat Gough

    On the subject of lamp posts do you…..oh…

    That cake looks like it has some mud in it. Probably tastes nice though.

  4. Lara

    My boyfriend made a banana loaf with chocolate chips in it last Saturday. It was lovely and moist.

  5. scared of chives

    @ Lara

    you could make a film about that…

  6. House of joy

    That’s what’s known as a marble cake stupid!

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