Referendum results for Blackheath

Polling Station, Blackheath, St Michael's Church, London, SE3
Results from the referendum for Lewisham and Greenwich, according to this page.

Interesting that Lewisham’s AV vote had a majority of just 745 people (out of 57,113 people who voted).

Name Yes vote Yes % No vote No % Electorate Turnout Turnout %
Lewisham 28184 49.35 28929 50.65 172573 57113 33.09
Greenwich 20618 39.16 32039 60.84 158603 52657 33.2

(I can’t get the national total percentages to add up correctly on their spreadsheet though… Can you?)


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2 responses to “Referendum results for Blackheath

  1. I am from Catford so am pleased to see Lewisham nearly voted yes. Shame about Greenwich but I am glad we voted yes more than the national as a whole.

    Ho-hum. Electoral changed denied. Poor Clegg. :-(

  2. Pretty pathetic turnout, although the lack of any other election the same day may be a reason. Perhaps gives the lie to claims that if the referendum had not clashed with the locals the YES camp would have done better

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