Polling my leg

I had a great idea for a website a while back. It was going to be called wherethefuckismypollingstation.com. Catchy hey? You’d go to the website, enter your postcode, and the site would show you a map to the appropriate polling station. (The link on the URL above takes you to Greenwich council’s site. Good luck finding your polling station…)

I’ve managed to dig my polling card out from a pile of junk mail, and it seems to be in the same place as usual (St Michael’s Church Hall), but I can never find the details on Greenwich or Lewisham’s websites. Without the card, I’d have no idea what time it opened for business.

If you’re a Lewisham voter, you’re more likely to be voting at Blackheath village library. If it’s still there.

Anyway, whether you vote “yes”, “no”, or “will it make any difference” tomorrow, make sure you vote.


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4 responses to “Polling my leg

  1. Furious Gerald

    I think it’s done deliberately to ensure those unable to not lose an A5 piece of card are disenfranchised as their opinion would be no doubt worthless.

  2. Anonymous

    John Ball Nursery [as always]. Extra police called to control the crowds.

  3. Si

    Yes I suppose the police did get a chance to get out of the office, they did look very bored though.

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