Royal Wedding Street Parties in Blackheath!

Pineapple and Cheese sticks with union jacks on them
Only joking. There aren’t any as far as I’ve heard. Apart from something at the Royal Standard pub, which is a bit grim at the best of times. I wrote to both Lewisham and Greenwich councils, asking if anyone had applied to close their streets in order to put up some buns, bunting, and retro-imperialism, but astonishingly nobody has.

Or at least, nobody in Lewisham has, and Greenwich won’t say, as it would encourage gate-crashers… Or something.

I’m off to the shelters until it passes. I fancy one of those cups though.

UPDATE: There are some parties going on, although none that involve the council closing roads. See the comments for more info.


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14 responses to “Royal Wedding Street Parties in Blackheath!

  1. Anonymous

    All Royalists are invited to gather in the middle of Tranquil Vale outside the Crown . This will bring great entertainment to those on the forecourt celebrating the re-opening, as the road will not be closed. It is also the bit where drivers decide the 20mph limit does not apply to them.

  2. Simon

    Royal Hill in Greenwich is having a street party and there are various at St Josephs Vale in Blackheath (private Road so you don’t need council approval!!).

    Whether you are a royalist or not, it is a good excuse for a social gathering with your neighbours.

  3. Kevin Bonavia

    There’s also one on Prendergast Road organised by the Prendergast Road and Lawn Terrace tenants and residents association. There may even be some outdoor afternoon tea where I live in The Squirrels – weather permitting of course…

  4. There’s one on Vicarage Avenue tomorrow (Friday 29) from midday and on Saturday all of the shops on Old Dover Road, near the Royal Standard, are having four hours of raffling, prizes, face-painting and whatnot. I stuck a photo of one of the posters here

    Also, I have ‘Buntify!”-ed your page ;)


  5. Nidhi

    Ah that’s sad .. I was hoping to gate crash ! Just discovered ur blog and it’s a good one for events fir someone who lives in blackheath !

  6. ElizaF

    There is a “all welcome” party in Greenwich East Pleasance park today.Here are the details from their friends of blog: (

    ” Arranged by The Friends of Halstow School, Pistachios in the Park café, and the Friends of East Greenwich Pleasaunce, the event offers the chance for locals to come along to this secluded, beautiful park and share what’s set to be a most memorable occasion.

    In preparation of the day Halstow School pupils will each be designing a piece of bunting to decorate the area outside the café.

    The event is scheduled to start at 11am and run through to 9pm. All are welcome and children are encouraged to come in Royal fancy dress. Guests are invited to bring a picnic dish-to-share, gazebos, picnic chairs & tables and there is a fun-packed itinerary for both children and adults alike.

    As well as a music marquee and a TV-screening of the Royal Wedding itself, events will include: a crown-making competition for children and a Royal cake-making competition for adults with prizes from the O2. Family games including old favourites like the ‘tug-of-war’ will commence at 2pm, with afternoon tea at 4pm, a BBQ at 5pm, leading up to a children’s disco from 5-7pm, followed by chill-out music for adults from 7-9pm. ”

    Ok so it is more over the Greenwich than the Blackheath way but a little bit of world travel is good for the mind and the soul …

  7. Anonymous

    Royal wedding party held at regents place blackheath

  8. Michele O'Brien

    I don’t want to poop on anybody’s party but are there no Republicans here?
    I always believed Blackheath to be a hotbed of anti-Royalist sentiment.
    Perhaps it’s just that the Republicans don’t read the Blackheath Bugle blog.

  9. Michele O'Brien

    You, Mr. ‘Orn, a Republican?
    And me. So that’s two.
    So where are the others?
    Come on, let’s hear it for dumping the Royals and joining the 21st Century.

  10. Bob Land

    Yeah, become a Republic, and put a bloke like Berlusconi in charge of the country, wonderful idea !!! I don’t think.

    • Michele O'Brien

      @”Yeah, become a Republic, and put a bloke like Berlusconi in charge of the country, wonderful idea !!! I don’t think.”

      Silvio Berlusconi is the PRIME MINSTER of the Italian Republic, Bob, just
      as David Cameron is the prime minister of the United Kingdom.

      If Italy reverted overnight to being a monarchy Berlusconi would still be
      the Italian Prime Minister. And if the UK suddenly overnight became a republic Cameron would still be the UK Prime Minister.

      The PRESIDENT of the Italian Republic is Giorgio Napolitano. He was
      elected to the post in 2006.

      • Bob Land

        Yes Michele, you are right , Berlusconi is not the top man.

        Either way, Monarchy or Republic, they both cost a lot of money every

        year, but having a Monarchy surely makes you proud to be British, or not ? I mean if you lived in a Republic and had a President Joe Bloggs for example, there would be no more pageants on TV , the whole world would not tune into Royal Coronations and Weddings etc, and what would the Royalty gossip magazines publish for all you Ladies ?

  11. There were also street parties in Couthurst Road and Ruthin Road.

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