Lamp post 9

Wonder how much it costs to repair something like this.

UPDATE: Here it is on
UPDATE 2: Fixed! Actually I think it was fixed in under a week! Well done Lewisham Council!


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27 responses to “Lamp post 9

  1. Mat Gough

    And I wonder if the OnBlackheath organisers have got a proper plan and finance in place to deal with the things like this that will inevitably happen in the aftermath of their event?

  2. Lara

    Interesting point. If they do I am sure it won’t be enough for the anti-OnBlackheath brigade.

    Happy Easter!

  3. scared of chives

    @ Mat Gough: ‘…things like this will inevitably happen’ ? please explain

    • Mat Gough

      From what I’ve seen, the organisers haven’t provided any actual details of their plans for safeguarding the wider area during and after the event – there are lots of ‘strategic partnerships’ and ‘co-ordinated management proposals’, but no actual details.

      When there are tens of thousands of badly managed, potentially inebriated people milling about there is bound to be some collateral damage, and I would like to see some evidence that they have plans in place to deal with it, rather than some vague references in ‘management speak’.

      • scared of chives

        Oh, I see what you mean. If someone on their way to All Saints church or a kite flyer can do THIS much damage on their own – who knows what will happen when all those crazy, drugged-up festival goers decide to trash the heath.

        Hurrah for you and the Blackheath Society!

      • (Note to self: no more lamp post photos. It just makes them angry).

      • Lucy

        Actually @scared of chives, yes hurrah indeed for the Blackheath Society. We are lucky to have an organisation who work hard to protect the lovely corner of London we are fortunate enough to live in.

  4. I love lamp (post 9)

    I reckon it will cost £100,000 plus numerous unnecessary court appearances by Lewisham Council to fix.

  5. Bob Land

    £ 100.000 to put a lamp post upright and possibly reconnect it , to the electricity supply !!!!!

    It is the same the world over, when contractors hear that the Council
    neeeds a job doing, the prices they want to charge are mostly
    enormous sums of money. No where near the actual value for money criteria.

  6. Michele O'Brien

    @Bob Land
    “… It is the same the world over, when contractors hear that the Council
    neeeds a job doing …”

    It’s the same the whole world over
    It’s the poor wot gets the blame
    It’s the rich wot gets the pleasure
    Ain’t it all a bloomin’ shame?

  7. Bob Land

    Ok, if you say so.

    Do you sometimes think to yourself, why is my Council Tax increasing every year , toppled lamp posts could be one of the reasons.

  8. Michele O'Brien

    @Bob Land
    “Do you sometimes think to yourself, why is my Council Tax increasing every year , toppled lamp posts could be one of the reasons.”

    Lewisham Council tax hasn’t increased this year, Bob.

  9. Bob Land

    Ah yes, but the toppled lamp post happened this year, so watch out for next year’s bill.

  10. By @neilclasper on Twitter…

    “@lararuffle @blackheathbugle strange that no one’s arguing the toppled lamppost means there should be no more fairs. Just no festival.”

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  12. “blackheathbugle – May 2, 2011 at 5:13 pm
    I may have a breakdown if anyone else uses a broken lamp post to discuss the music festival!”

    HAHAHA. Poor Bugle.

  13. On a more ‘serious’ note, I think a vehicle is the likely suspect here. I am not sure if drunken drugged up revellers would be able to unearth a lamp post from its deep foundations. Unless the drugs are steriods?

    Anyway, I win. No more lamp, I don’t want our Bugler to keel over.

  14. Mat Gough

    Gosh, who’d have thought my innocent little comment would cause such a dramatic flurry of replies!

    I’ve just commented at length on 853 (which I can’t link to from my RSS reader it would seem) which I shan’t copy and past here for pushing our bugler over the edge and into the abyss, but I will say that whether ‘it’ happens or not a GREAT thing to come out of this is a huge interest in local affairs which can only be a good thing…

  15. chad valley

    do you think we could get some comments on what might happen around the OnBlackheath event from someone who has actually been to another music festival.

    I’ve been to a good few and always managed to escape unscaved and not witnessed any of the behaviour that seems to be anticipated for this event.
    There seems to a lot of uninformed scaremongering going on here for sure.

  16. Ed

    Was this the lamp post the original council license proposal was put on?!

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