Farmers Market is on this weekend

According to their facebook page, the market will go ahead this Sunday.


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4 responses to “Farmers Market is on this weekend

  1. Hello, has anyone in Blackheath ever been to the Farmer’s Market at Halstow School in Greenwich? Obviously the Blackheath one might be nearer to your home but just so you know that there is one… :-).

  2. Michele O'Brien

    Shopping at the farmers’ market in Blackheath each week I reckon has cut my spend in supermarkets in this area by about £80 a month.

    Shopping in the independent Afro-Asian-Caribbean food shops in Lewisham I reckon has cut my supermarket spend by another £30 a month.

    So do you hear, Tescos and Sainsburys and the rest of you supermarket giants! Me and thousands like me are looking to cut free of you entirely.

    We’ve had enough of the havoc you wreak on our communities, sucking the lifeblood out of local business. Let’s hear it for our local farmers’ markets and the independents.

    • I totally agree. Every time someone says “I wish there was a Tescos in Blackheath” I wonder how much healthier I am because there isn’t. It forces me to eat more fresh food and buy from the farmer’s market. This is a good thing.

    • Anonymous

      Supermarkets would not exist if people did not use them in preference to local shops. So the emphasis must be on locals to uprate their offer rather than insisting that big stores are banned.

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