Blackheath Fun Fair 2011

More photos coming soon here.

12 noon until 10pm Friday-Tuesday inclusive.

£1 Entrance Fee
£3 Dodgems
£2.50 The Terminator
£4 2xtreme (terrifying looking spinning thing seen from miles away)
£2 Waltzer
£2.50 Bounce
£3 Oblivion (another spinning thing)
£2.50 Cage
£2.50 Hook a duck
£2 Ghost train
£2 Ferris wheel
£2 Burger
£2 Candy floss

UPDATE: About a zillion people are googling this blog asking “where is blackheath fun fair?”, so here’s a map. Not sure about the circus location though.. If it’s wrong, let me know in the comments. I’ll try to make a more accurate version later. Come by train (parking is terrible in Blackheath), turn left out of the station and walk up the hill. When you get to the heath, you’ll see the fair.


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19 responses to “Blackheath Fun Fair 2011

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  3. Anonymous

    The pedestrian/cycle path from the PoW pond to the circus has been opened to cars for access at £1 a time to park on the grass. I presume that has been done by Glendale. Considering the legal wrangles required to originally close it, I wonder how that is possible? Does Glendale have that sort of freedom in its management deal? Makes one wonder about the money-making wheezes it will come up with for the impending festival.

  4. Anonymous

    What a load of rubbish the fair has been this year. I cannot believe I have had to pay £5.00 for 5 of ous just to enter the grounds of the fair. This is robbery and something should be done to prevent this from happening again.

    • glenda horsfield

      i agree with the above writer,ive been visiting blackheath fair since i was a child im now in my 50,s never ever have i had to pay to get into the fair,i think this is diabolical,for a family of 5 thats a fiver before u even get in. long gone are the days when u could take £5 to the fair and spend all day there !!!

  5. yazmyn

    whens the last day ?

  6. clueless

    can you give the proper address and not just the address because i would like to know how to get there.

  7. Ahhh,,Blackheath fair !! I think i must be the last of my family to have worked the fair, last time in the 1960’s as a kid.
    Does anyone remember my grandad Jack (John) Lee and his 2 daughters Louisa ( Lou) and Lavinia ( Vinne) Lee ?

  8. david

    gradually over the last few days vehicles and equipment have been setting up on Blackheath across the way from the Princess of Wales for another fun fair…I have nothing against this – and presum all the usual procedures were cleared first – but Im not at all clear why this particular for of enterptainment is permitted but the music festival proposed by NIMBY – which might well have provided better entertainment and better value for more people – was so vehemently and expensively opposed by the Black heath Society (of which I am a member). is it about nostalgia for the old fair grounds? or what? anyway I hope to keep fair for them!!

    • Anonymous

      Slight difference, mayhap, between the little fair and the festival?
      Will 25,000-plus people crowd into the fair on each of two days?
      Will the fair broadcast amplified music into the windows of several hundred homes?

      I think not.

  9. Michele O'Brien

    Likewise, whenever and wherever employed, that hideous weasel-words construction “I am minded … ” beloved of government ministers and now increasingly imitated by lesser politico life elsewhere. What does “I am minded” mean? Is he or she going to do it or are they just thinking about doing it if they calculate they can get away with it?

  10. Disgusted

    I was going to take my son to the fair today as a bank holiday treat but after reading they charging £1 just to get in they can stuff it. The fees for the rides and stalls are already extorninate enough. I’d rather spend the money on buying my son something he wants from the shops than give the pikeys any of my hard earned cash. I would urge anyone to boycott the Blackheath funfair until they stop the entry fee and lower the prices to a reasonable rate.

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