(Almost) Outdoor cinema screening 26th April

According to The Pink Paper, an outdoor indooor (well, in a tent) pop-up cinema will be screening The Lost Boys on 26th April, on Blackheath! They’re also showing Pricilla Queen of the Desert, and Strictly Ballroom at other locations around London:


UPDATE: It’s not outdoors and costs £12.50. But still might be fun…


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12 responses to “(Almost) Outdoor cinema screening 26th April

  1. Dan

    Now just waiting to receive a leaflet from the Blackheath Society complaining about the noise from Corey Feldman and company.

  2. Michele O'Brien

    Oooo, Mr. ‘orn, what a little stirer you can sometimes be. You are a bad boy
    trying to get all us crusty crumblies going like that.

    The Lost Boys is NOT being screened OUTDOORS on the Heath on April 26.

    It’s being screened all nice and cosy safely under canvas within the confines of Zippo’s Circus, which has been a feature of Easter on the Heath since Lord knows when.

    AND there’s a £12.50 admission charge to get in to see it.

    So no urban guerrilla-style pop-up cinematic thrills for you, my lad, with everyone out there in the dark in the middle of the Heath stoned out of their tiny minds on exotic substances.

  3. scared of chives

    At least all that popcorn eating won’t drive the Blackheath Society mad….

  4. lararuffle

    Blast. Saw The Lost Boys at Film4’s Somerset House screening last year. Would love to have gone to a heath event. Fiddlesticks.

    • I saw Goldfinger at Somerset House last year. Not so impressive until I realised that the old lady I walked past in the bar, on my way to the the viewing was Honor Blackman, who introduced the film! Don’t suppose that will be the case for The Lost Boys…

      • lararuffle

        John Hurt introduced the Alien/Poltergeist double-bill the year before. Ace. No famous intoduction for Let The Right One In/The Lost Boys though.

        Really looking forward to going again this year. It is a regular couple thing me and man do.

  5. Now that the clocks have gone forward and the evenings are lengthening I am thinking once again about the actual open air cinema options in London. I’d love it if there was an open air cinema screen on Blackheath (personally I’d love to see Jurassic Park there) but I’ve no idea how to make these things happen… but for the last year or so I’ve been collecting information about other open air screens in London, which I’ve put here http://brodiesnotes.blogspot.com/2010/04/open-air-cinema-screens-in-london.html

    I suppose I should go scrounging around Google to see what listings have already been made available.


  6. Anonymous

    Perhaps there should be a giant screen to accommodate overflow from the festival? Several, in fact, as there are bound to be thousands more people attracted to sit outside the fences. Same music: no fee.
    [ I wonder if that has been factored into arrangements for security, transport, etc?]

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