Fistik Restaurant

Fistik Kebab Brasserie restaurant in Blackheath, London, SE3
As mentioned in a previous post, the restaurant next to Buenos Aires Cafe has turned into Fistik Kebab Brasserie. Leaving aside whether “kebab” and “brasserie” should ever appear next to each other, the food is actually not bad.

We went last weekend (Mrs Bugle and myself, plus another Turkish friend). The meze (hot and cold small dishes – not necessarily starters), were fine, and the kebab (I’m told) was nice too. The decor still looks a little unfinished in places, and they’ve kept the large-breasted statues that were a “feature” of the previous incarnation.

On the whole though, it’s a big improvement. The music was pleasant, gentle, slightly melancholic Turkish pop songs floating in the background, and if you sit looking towards the Bookshop on the Heath, you can see all of village life wander by. The service was friendly, but not over-friendly. We asked for Turkish coffee, but they didn’t have any – they promised that they’d get some in soon, but the espresso was fine.

The prices were reasonable – much cheaper than Chapters or Buenos, pretty much comparable to Pizza Express or Giraffe. It’s not the most amazing Turkish restaurant in London (Hazev in Canary Wharf or Tas Pide by the Globe Theatre are better), but it’s really great to have one in Blackheath. As it was lunchtime, we didn’t check to see whether they sell Rakı, but we’ll hopefully go back one evening to double-check. Wandering past the place today, it looked much busier than the previous restaurant ever did. I wonder if they’ll remove the dots from “Fıstık” eventually…


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53 responses to “Fistik Restaurant

  1. Kate

    I went to Fistik last week, I agree the food was fine but not as good as the briliant Meze Mangal in Lewisham Way. The staff were very friendly though and eager to please. Worth trying again in a couple of weeks to see how it’s going.

  2. Alex

    As I do for every new place I went there last Saturday. I thought the owner of the restaurant has changed as well but I was disappointed. The new staff is also new for the job as well, over-friendly, pushy for order and a bit noisy service. Although I was not very busy on Saturday you can not have a nice conversation with your friend. Anyway food was fine, to be honest I have been better places like sofra, hazev and I can say a new restaurant in Greenwich church street name was-might not be proper one- Halva was the best. Meze mangal in lewisham is still better than this place. Price is; if you think you can have better food in kebab shop it is expensive. Anyway we will see if it will be successful.

    • Mila

      Don’t agree about Helva in Greenwich. First of all traditional Turkish dessert Helva served hot and made of semolina and pine nuts. Anyone can go and buy from the shop factory made helva which is made of sesame seeds and tahini and that was what they were serving at their restaurant. “No one serves factory made helva with ice cream at a restaurant”. If you would get that as a dessert in a restaurant in Istanbul, it would send back. I did order also some dolma. It was home made, but one of the worst dolmas ever.Really badly spiced, rice was very dry and you could not even see proper mince meat in it. I hope the chef is reading these lines:”Where is the mint and lemon in that dolma, is that how you represent Turkish cuisine?” And the borek: Traditional borek comes in a thin cylinder form, if you are serving a “Muska borek” then write it down as Muska borek. ANd why do you use Indian filo pastry. You are supposed to use “Yufka” for the borek, which is available in every Turkish shop. So, don’t tell me that, yufka was not available. The restaurant has a nice interior and friendly staff, but the exterior of the restaurant does not match the interior. What I would like to tell to the Restaurant owner: If you open a restaurant, make sure you get a great Chef and represents Turkish kitchen in the best way possible. Pay a better salary for a better chef, I am sure you can afford it. Any tourist/guests who goes the the Ottoman restaurant in Kempinski Istanbul leaves it with happy face and taste the real Turkish cuisine. We don’t want Turkish restaurant opens today and close tomorrow. Invest in your food and chef, check them regularly for taste and service. I am simply disappointed.

  3. Georgia

    I just had a meal there – very tasty and good quality ingredients. Nice to have somewhere new in Blackheath.

  4. Katie

    I have visited the restaurant a few times now & i LOVE it !!
    Wonderful staff,Food & Atmosphere.Children are made to feel at home which is very rare up blackheath village !!!! The saturday night atmosphere was great we was there celebrating a birthday & the staff dimmed the lights & all sang happy birthday with a lovely peice of chocolate cake & sparkler
    I love the place

  5. Martin

    Went past the other day and it was really busy!! I always wondered how they made any money before as they never seemed to have any customers. Might go there myself…

  6. Really good to hear that there is a reasonable alternative to that awful tapas place that was previously there. Must pay it a visit!

    • Anonymous

      Same owner.

      • Bill

        Is that right Sema Aksoy? Has the ownership not changed hands from El Pirata?

        I went to El Pirata a long, long time ago, and such was the triumph of hope over expectation, I actually returned once!

        It would be handy to know if it was the same owner, just in case anybody ever suggested going there.

  7. Caroline

    The outside looks smart but is let down by the takeaway menu being stuck on by blu tack !

  8. MAE

    I would recommend Ephesus in Orpington this was like a takeaway in A Plate.

  9. Richard

    Went to Fistik last night, the place is a disaster. Ordered our food and after an hour of waiting we asked a waiter where our starters were, he huffed off and came back and told us they were on their way. Starters came, (Houmus, bread and Haloumi cheese) the bread was frozen in the middle so we had to asked for it to be heated up. We then noticed that the £26 bottle of Chablis we had ordered was from Sainsburys taste the difference range! We cancelled our order, the manager made no effort to apologise or keep our custom, in fact she still tried to charge us the service charge! Avoid this place, there are some great restaurants in Blackheath, this is not one of them.

    • Interesting… Maybe it’s best avoided at busy times… My experience was much better than that..

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree! Arrogant-argumentive waiters! I have read a few reviews but wanted to give it a chance, so I went there two days ago. Very disappointing. Was served the wrong starter as well as main all the time they were insistant that I was in error. What food that did arrive was, average. Being very familiar with Turkish cuisine I found it no better than a local kebab shop but at a lot higher price. The one saving grace, a magnificent view. But staff with attitude and mediocre food you would be better of going next door and have a curry.

      One Turkish restaurant for authentic taste and atmosphere I would recommend is Meze Mangle in New Cross

  10. Barbara

    They could be on to a real winner if they just get the details right – they could benefit from being next to Buenos Aires Cafe (different league though) . They need to lose the “Kebab” from the fascade and not go for the traditional kebab after the pub crowd. Not eaten there yet…

  11. ayse

    i have just come out of there and all i can say is that it has been the worst experience ever. being turkish i have been to diffrent turkish restaurants and this one was the worst. I must say the food was fine however the portions could be bigger. but the service can be improved a lot, the waiters hardly engage only to take orders and take plates etc. When it came to paying they gave us one bill but everyone wanted to pay separately so we all went to the counter and asked if we could pay what we each had. On our bill it said £13.47 for service charge but because everyone decided to pay for their own things they charged all of us a different amount which came to £20 instead. When we decided to speak to the manager about it she was rather rude. She said that because we booked our table we were expected to eat more!!! how can anyone say that?! she also said we were given the best table but we was in complete drakness and it was very hot, we went out to get fresh air it was that bad. We asked the waiters if they could put up the air conditioning but all we got was ‘we dont have one near you’. Also traditionally at a turkish restaurant you get offered free tea or coffee but here we wasnt offered anything instead they got annoed because we didnt want any desserts. over all it was very bad!! The manager needs to sort out her attitude and they need to sort out the way they include their service charge!! I would advise everyone to go to meze mangal in lewisham if the want quality food with a good price and excellent service!!

  12. Ferda

    Well well well, where to begin. I am in shock, I was in and out of this place that quick that I didnt even get a chance to have a decent conversation with my family. They not only rushed us out but the service charge was too much! As if we recieved good service… we were not spoken to at all, only for orders and to pay for our meal! We were told that we should have ate more and was why our service charge was so much! Sorry???? what is that about??? Unbelieveble! On top of all of this they turned off the lights were turned off only at my table, talk about make me feel unwanted and uncomfortable. Oh and when I called to discuss the matter i was told ”im busy at the moment come tomorrow to sort it” Be aware of all the mentioned above before going to dine at fistik.

  13. Ebru

    I completely agree with Ayse.
    The manager was RUDE, charging us way too much for service charge because we didn’t order more than we did?! what crap!!?
    They also turned off the lights near our table to make us suffocate even more in the heat with NO air-con, may I add the others had lights, air-con and even their candles lit at their table!
    My mothers food was almost raw, was this a Turkish restaurant or a Sushi Bar?!?!
    We will not be going there again and I advise people who are suggesting to go to this place.. DO NOT!
    What a shame we were Turkish too.. hee heee

  14. Anonymous

    I have to agree with above, the food was poorly presented and prices seemed a bit steep for what was presented. we ate there late and the noise from drunken people waiting outside for their kebabs was horrible. Kebab shop in the village NO THANKS!! big shame.

  15. Jojo

    Has a really pleasant time here on Saturday night. Ok,it didn’t blow me away, but the food was nice, the staff friendly and the turkish wine surprisingly palatable.
    No it wasn’t amazing, but it wasn’t another bloody chain restaurant so all in all we were quite content.

  16. Anonymous

    been trying to book for 2 days and despite several calls each day keep getting an egaged tone. Filled in email form which no-one has picked up. Looking at the comments here think I will go to Lewisham or Greenwich

  17. This is one of those threads where the comments are so diverse I actually am going to have go there to make my own mind up!

    Fingers crossed.

  18. Anonymous

    I had a late lunch there with my husband (who is Turkish) last Saturday. I found the staff friendly and polite. I loved my choice of food which came very hot, it was both tasty and the potions was just right. We would definately go there again.

  19. Anonymous

    This was one of the worst meals I’ve ever had. The taramasalata was a cream of some sort which was coloured bright pink with no taste of fish whatsoever. The red lentil soup had been watered down so that it had no taste at all. I ordered the garlic mushrooms to replace the taramasalata which I complained about and this was no better. The muchrooms were tinned and it seemed like a tinned of chopped tomatoes was poured on top of it. The lamb kofte was tough and full of grizzle.

    I went home feeling really sick. Also due to the fact that I’d spent £40 on quite revolting food.

  20. Ginger Prince

    We were in the mood for a kebab tonight but having read a lot of the previous comments, were unsure about trying Fistik. Glad we gave it a chance, it was really good. We had chicken shish and there was plenty and it was very tasty. I would recommend it as I reckon it’s one of the best I’ve had (and I’ve had a LOT).

  21. edgy 1

    both my son and I felt sick after eating kebabs here. rude staff .
    avoid like the plague

    • When you go out to eat with friends, especially good friends you haven’t seen for an age, the very last thing you want to come home with is a bad taste in your mouth. We just did. The food… actually quite good. The service… Basil Fawlty would have been proud! We had to fetch out own menues, took half an hour to get drinks, and still hadn’t eaten a thing an hour after being seated. Main course landed 2 hours later. Friends had to bolt their meal to catch the last train, and we ended with a surreal bout of comedy Maths with the manager, and his loose grip on what ‘service charge’ means. Our advice? Don’t do it.

  22. Dilber

    I was intending on taking my sisters to Fistik this Friday eveing for one of their Birthdays and was really looking forward to it, however having reviewed the comments i am unsure whether this is a good idea now!

    My neighbour said the food was average. prices extortionate and staff short and impatient, such a great shame Turkish Restaurants are rare enough in our area great shame!

    Shall we go or give this one a miss i wonder! yuor comments would be much apprecaited!

    • Jon lee

      Go. I went once, prices, food fine, service good. This place is not the greatest restuarant in the world but it does the job. I prefer the sister place in Greenwich-Helva, but if Fistik is closer to you, you can expect a perfectly decent meal there. Some of the comments here bear no relation to my experience or to those of others I know who go there more often.

  23. Michelle O'Brien

    “… This place is not the greatest restuarant in the world but it does the job …”

    Nonsense, Jon Lee. It is one of the finest Turkish kebab restaurants anyone could ever hope to come across anywhere on planet. Earth.

    It is probably even better than the Turkish kebab restaurant Dilber owns/runs/manages/works in/regularly eats in/knows the owner and staff of/lives next door to/in some other way is probably/possibly acquainted with/has never set foot in.

  24. Anonymous

    Michelle, with all due respoect get your facts right before you use another persons name, gain beneficial knowldge before you write such pointless useless nonsense on any forum!

    The way you have taken these comments so personally would lead one to think you have shares in fistik!

    You have no idea what line of work i’m in so i suggest you do not write such rubbish: (It is probably even better than the Turkish kebab restaurant Dilber owns/runs/manages/works in/regularly eats in/knows the owner and staff of/lives next door to/in some other way is probably/possibly acquainted with/has never set foot in.)


  25. Kate

    We had a reasonable meal there. Service was ok; food was ok. Better than Helva in Greenwich, where we had the worst meze I’ve ever had and left half of it – and were overcharged.
    What happened to the owners/runners of the Lebanese upstairs place in the village that shut about 2 years ago? We had a great meal there once but it obviously didn’t do good business. We also liked Bertorellis (think it was called that?) that was replaced by chain-food, kids friendly Giraffe….if you don’t have kids to take out to eat, Giraffe’s not exactly great. Imho.
    nothing wrong with restaurant comments BB as long as they’re not by the owner or any of his/her friends/enemies.

  26. Dilber's sister Dilek!

    We had a meal there Friday evening. …..

    waiter was very pleasent a bit slow considering it wasnt very, maybe he didnt want us to rsuh.

    Meze was fantastic – we had eight different mezes’s amongst the four of us and it was fresh delicious portions were a good size also, if we had space we would have eaten more!

    Main course well presented and also very fresh, we all had a mixed kebab which wasnt mixed at all they must have ran out of different meats but didnt mention this however still charged full price, rice was plain and bland, salad had no dressing whats so ever.

    Deserts – didnt have any of what we asked for, but created a mixed ice creams were great and good portion.

    ;( prices too high for what it was but we guess thats blackheath prices…….. We would definately be returning, atmosphere music, was good and we were offered complimentory turkish tea which was lovely! left feeling positive and full 7/10 thumbs up!!!

    Dilbers sister :)

  27. Kate B

    I’d rather go to the Levante in Lewis Grove, by Lewisham Market. Haven’t been there for a few months but it was cheerful, inexpensive, good freshly cooked food and very nice Turkish wine, a lot more fun than Fistik appears to be.

  28. Charlotte Cooper

    Sad to see the Everest View indian had closed down. They were always so nice and seemed busy. It’s a shame

  29. And now Fistik has closed – surrounded by hoardings. Makeover? What will it morph into now, do you think?

  30. Chris

    Kate — the Sep 15th post is underneath Bugle’s March 22 post on this thread. Just scroll back.

    Simple eh!!!

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