Amazing old photos

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Someone at Lewisham council has just uploaded a tonne of really brilliant old photos of the area. Most are of Deptford, Lewisham and New Cross, but there are a few Blackheath ones too. The whole set are highly recommended. There are very few details about each photo though, so if you have any info about them, it’s worth adding the comments to their photo gallery. They’re all creative commons licensed too, which is great, as it means that you can remix them into weird little videos showing Blackheath through a timewarp, for example.

It would be great if Blackheath Society did the same thing with their photos.  They’ve got loads of old photos too, but very few are on the website.

Does anyone know if the Sainsbury’s photo is from Blackheath? I have a feeling that Shepherd’s used to be a Sainsbury’s years ago?

UPDATE: According to Blackheath Village and Environs, 1790-1970: The Village and Blackheath Vale v. 1 (p54) Sainsbury’s occupied the travel agents building. One of only 100 opened between 1892 and 1914. It closed in February 1959.

Here are all the links:
Education in Lewisham
Leisure and Recreation
Lewisham’s Industrial past
Inns, Taverns and Pubs – public houses in Lewisham
Lewisham’s Libraries
Shops and Shopping
Lewisham Cinemas and Theatres
Lewisham’s Railways


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19 responses to “Amazing old photos

  1. Olly

    Doesn’t anyone know if the building on the left is Blackheath Proprietary School? The school was knocked down to make way for Selwyn Court which caused so much controversy in Blackheath and was a catalyst in the foundation of the Blackheath Society?

  2. ThePirateKing

    Great photos.

    From the looks of an old postcard I have it looks like the Blackheath Sainsbury’s was in what’s is now Age Exchange. If you look closely the door and windows are a perfect match.

    Happy to send you the postcard as scan if you email me.

    • See update above – looks like it was the travel agents shop – any interesting pics please email blackheathbugle at gmail dot com!

      • ThePirateKing

        Looks to me on the photo I’m sending you as if we’re both right. I think it looks like the Sainsbury’s occupied BOTH the now Age Exchange and the travel agent. Have a butchers at the photo.

  3. Where was Blackheath Art Supplies, more to the point? Number 8 somewhere. It looks a recentish picture, but I don’t remember it in the last 20-odd years.

  4. Ah, it’s a painting, I see from the larger version on Picasa. Still, where was it and when?

  5. Angry Janice

    I’ve been looking for the Blackheath Nursery pictures for years. Well done.

  6. Lazy_T

    I’ve seen a few old shots where there was a (then J) Sainsbury in the village, pretty sure it was Shepherds and as the comment above says Age Exchange too, but I may be incorrect.

    Two things about this; it fascinates me that up to a few years back Sainsbury’s used the same font in their logo and shop fronts as they did then.

    Anyone know anything? I can’t imagine there were many complaints back when it originally opened. Could you imagine that now!? I bet they wouldn’t be allowed back, there would be uproar!
    The other is that other than photographic evidence, I can find no written record of there ever having been one in the village.

  7. Michele O'Brien

    @Lazy_T re Sainsburys in Blackheath

    Sainsburys was where the travel agents GoTravel now stands on the corner at the entrance to Bennett Park opposite Lloyds TSB, I am reliably informed by a resident who remembers it.

    The two big sash windows at street level on the Bennett Park side of the building are the original Sainsburys windows.

    My informant remembers Sainsburys staff used to raise them on Saturday evenings at the end of the business day and sell off pies and other perishables cheap ahead of the weekend to kids eagerly waiting outside.

  8. Michele O'Brien

    @ Alan Burkitt-Gray re Blackheath Art Supplies

    Blackheath Art Supplies was on Royal Parade.

  9. Bob Land

    Sainsbury’s was as Michele O’Brien says, on the corner of Bennett Park
    opposite Lloyds Bank.

    Shepherds, used to be Jobbins the Bakers, as far as I can remember, a double fronted shop

  10. Neil Rhind

    If people bothered to read my Village history – still in print – they could answer all their questions and see most of the pictures (and many more) now revealed by Lewisham Libraries.

    Also, members of the Blackheath Society (and many others) also know that the Society is busy digitilising its huge collection of local images to make them more available to the general public. It is huge job, undertaken by a volunteer team, and with about 12,500 to go may take a bit of time.

    Have a good day.

  11. Kate

    Shepherds was Jobbins the Bakers, it was also a cafe where you could sit for hours making a frothy coffee (before the days of cappucino) and welsh rarebit last most of the day, it was the best place for people watching. A tragedy when it closed.

  12. Anonymous

    The pictures have been online for ages but under a different address. They have also been available as postcard collections at Blackheath Library – you know, the one everyone finds an essen tiasl resource.

    Try this for a wider range:

  13. Bob Land

    Just had a look at the photos, the Sainsbury’s photo is , according to the caption , in Lewisham High Street !!!!!!

  14. Jimmy Stone

    Amazing old photos. Big fan of the Blackheath Bugle. Heres a story about a Blackheath Woman who was involved in the v2 bombing in Sunfields Place.

  15. Anonymous

    Another good historic source I’ve recently used to download some old engravings. Search for Blackheath [or any other local area] here:

  16. Adam Jones

    Came across this image on Mary Evans library while researching something else and thought of this discussion. It shows Sainsburys on the right, in context with the rest of the village.

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