It’s complicated

Far better version of the UK census from local blogger Diamond Geezer.

I don’t want to fill in the census. Does anyone actually know of a person who has actually been fined for not filling it in?


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4 responses to “It’s complicated

  1. Edith

    It’s extremely unlikely you’ll be fined. However local services won’t get funding for you if you don’t tell the government you exist. London councils, NHS etc already suffer from underfunding because London return rates in the last census were poor. Please don’t make it worse.

    Btw just watching a good feature about this on the London part of today’s BBC Politics Show – expect it’s on iPlayer if you want more info.

  2. Adam

    I’m with you, Bugle, but then again, the censuses of the past have proven incredibly useful for looking back through our family history.

    @Edith – I find it hard to imagine the government doesn’t know that I exist. Database state!

  3. Edith

    The Census website has more info about why they do it and what benefits you’ll get from completing it:

    @Adam – Yes ok, various government departments know you exist, but the census is the one time every ten years the government actually counts how many people are in each part of the country, and it’s this count they use to allocate resources. Knowing how poorly the databases are joined up where I work (in HE) I can’t imagine govt databases could be linked up and de-duped well enough to build up a decent overall picture of population. Isn’t a national database what ID cards tried (and failed – a good thing IMO) to do?

  4. Michele O'Brien

    I and my neighbour filled ours in on-line using my computer and the unique reference numbers at the top of the census forms we each received in the post.
    No problems.
    Easy-peesy …

    … except that to date I have had five early evening visits from the local council inquiring whether I have completed the census.

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