Post-Secular Society?

The Parish of the Ascension, Blackheath, has started weekly study groups using TV show Rev as a starting point for discussions ranging from the church’s approach to social issues and its involvement in education, to loss of faith.

…He added: “We will be using Rev to explore what it means to be liberal Christians in a post-secular society…

Blackheath church swaps committee meetings for BBC sitcom Rev.

Oh really? Did I miss the moment when society was totally secular?
I quite enjoyed Rev until I read this article in the News Hopper.

UPDATE: Here’s some viewing to reset your palette. Because it’s a great piece of TV, and much better than Rev.


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2 responses to “Post-Secular Society?

  1. Jon Lee

    To be fair to the Church of the Ascension, they are very nice, cuddly christians. Part of something called ‘inclusive church’ which as I understand it is about not being horrible to women and gays . So if we have to have religion(and we don’t) rather this lot than the Catholics. Enjoyed Stephen Fry all the same.

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