onBlackheath meeting: Bad Tempered Bongo Drums

Below are a tonne of interesting tweets from yesterday’s onBlackheath meeting (which I couldn’t attend). Mostly from BitOClass and Darryl1974 who write the SE13zure and 853blog blogs respectively.

I wish I’d managed to get there, looks like it was an interesting night. Regardless of your opinion on whether the festival should go ahead, I think it’s worth pointing out a few aspects of sound perception:

Sound pressure levels decay over an inverse square law with distance. So if you are very near to the source of a sound, and move a few metres away, the sound gets dramatically quieter. However, if you are a hundred metres away, and move another few metres back, the level barely changes. Another point to make is that decibel readings are fairly pointless as way of describing irritation from unwanted sound. For example, a continuous sine tone or burglar alarm can be very irritating even if it is at a low level, whilst a spread spectrum of pink noise at an equivalent total energy level might be barely noticeable. Music is in the ear of the beholder, so sits somewhere between the two. Finally, anyone who thinks that erecting a few soft temporary walls in the free field will make any difference frequencies below about 1kHz should really think again.

Tweets are below in chronological order. Don’t miss the bit about bongo drums.


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6 responses to “onBlackheath meeting: Bad Tempered Bongo Drums

  1. Anna

    Thank you, Mr Bugle – interesting reading. Sounds like a lot of people need to calm down a bit about this. It’s only one weekend – I think it’ll be fun!

  2. Maggie

    So has the final decision been made? Will there definitely be a festival?

  3. Tom

    It was an interesting meeting, but it did drag on a bit, and I couldn’t handle the shouting bloke.

    I just can’t believe there is no financial benefit to lewisham borough, as far as I can work out.

    And Maggie, there was no decision making at this meeting, this was just to meet the people.

    As far as I’m aware the license has been granted by Lewisham, but is being challenged in the courts by the Blackheath Society.

    They seemed to be challenging on various things but one of the things was a law banning the enclosure of common land, as far as I could work out.

  4. Dr Nick

    Very interesting and informative bit by Bugle on perception of sound, and equally interesting and informative about the “sound fences” which Bugle (rightly) says will have no effect.

    Acoustic engineers soundproof by achieving airtightness and low noise conductance. To make it imperceptible to people living near the Heath, it’d need to be enclosed in a Dome. Hang on, I know a big Dome nearby…

    I’m gutted to have missed the meeting. If nothing else, sounds like a) we elected a good MP b) I could have identified the people not to sit next to on the bus.

    Thanks v much to bitoclass & Darryl1974 for taking all that trouble.

  5. Angry Janice

    1, who is playing?
    2, would it be possible to burn Ronan Keating as a finale?
    3, Do residents putting up with it and living right next to it get free tickets?
    4, Firework crowds are one thing, drunks are a teensie bit different.
    5, In summary, more sequirity and priority VIP tickets for me.

    • 1 I don’t know
      2 Famous people are still people, and it’s probably not a good idea to suggest setting fire to them.
      3 It seems not, although this would have been the perfect way to solve the animosity.
      4 If you say so
      5 good luck with that…

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