“Blackheath Quarter”

As tweeted by Kidbrooke Kite today, and spotted yesterday – the luxurious new “Blackheath Quarter” is now on the market. Primarily in Hong Kong. Such an odd article!

There’s another Hong Kong based page about it here.

There’s a reference to Capital Plaza in the blurb, which according to this PDF, is located at SE3 9NF – google map here. Basically it looks as though a big field is being turned into yet more houses.

UPDATE: Not just the big field. It’s mostly about the Ferrier Estate being sold off to property developers. See here and here.


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7 responses to ““Blackheath Quarter”

  1. Alex

    This all sounds just lovely – however what concerns me is the impact on the train services via Blackheath. Are southeastern going to give us more trains (or should I say re-instate the trains they removed in 2009)?

    Given that the trains are full to burst at peak times, not sure how all these extra people are going to be catered for. Or putting it another way, if they are all getting on at Kidbrooke then good luck getting on the train at Blackheath.

  2. Why the “Blackheath Quarter”, given it’s Kidbrooke? And why “Quarter”?

    Of course, if it all goes pear-shaped and becomes a Ballardian nightmare, there’ll be no need to worry about overcrowded trains as the residents will never leave the estate. They’ll simply sit on their balconies, listening to the sounds of violence & eating roast dog!

  3. Steve

    I think we all know why there are trying to sell in Hong Kong first….

  4. Michele O'Brien

    “I think we all know why there are trying to sell in Hong Kong first….”

    I don’t. Why are they trying to sell in Hong Kong first?

  5. Eve

    I got an e-mail from King Sturge about this – they wrote:
    ‘Blackheath Quarter is the exclusive new phase of Kidbrooke Village that raises standards of design and specification higher still. This range of luxurious, contemporary townhouses and apartments is not only next to the new Cator Park, but is part of Blackheath, one of London’s most desirable historic villages. ‘

    It doesn’t seem to say that it’s ‘part of Blackheath’ on their website though…

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