Foxtons handing out free muffins

Foxtons are doling out free muffins at the bus stop. Really.

“Would you like a free muffin sir?”
“Any particular reason why not?”

I’m waiting for a damn bus to Lee Sainsbury’s. Do you really think I’m your target market? Have some shame.


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11 responses to “Foxtons handing out free muffins

  1. ThePirateKing

    Ha – brilliant.

  2. BAJD

    But it’s a free muffin! Taking it doesn’t oblige you to sell your house? If I’m wrong I’ve got A LOT of explaining to do.

  3. Up Your Foxtons BlackHeath

    We rent in Blackheath, yet at least once a week I get a letter from the ***** at Foxtons Blackheath, demanding to sell my house for me.

    Surely if I was going to sell ‘my house’ I really wouldn’t sell it via the complete ***** at Blackheath Foxtons after they badgered me for the last 6 weeks.

    The amazing thing is I never give out my address unless its some official channel. My names aren’t even on the utility bills, etc, yet somehow they got my details.

    Very dodgy. Blackheath Foxtons go ***.

    • William van Zwanenberg

      They got your name from the electoral register. Following a chnage in the legislation back in 2008, the then labour administration enabled this to happen. Not something that was ever discussed in the media which was frnakly shameful.

      I too have received this letters from these shisters. The only way to stop it happen is to tell them directly what w*****s they are and to demand they remove you from their database.

      Like all estate agents in the UK, they’re scum of the highest order but Foxton rnak as they very worst of the worst.

  4. Polly

    We too get the stupid letters, and also take great care not to give out our details. I can only think its linked to when we registered with all the estate agents in the area when we were looking to buy a few years ago. I wouldnt want to speculate how Foxtons got hold of our details, but it does feel dodgy. I popped in on Saturday to the branch (first and last visit) and asked them to take us off their marketing database.
    This weekend I noticed quite a few o% Foxtons boards up around the village already which is disappointing. Has nobody read the Freakonomics chapter on estate agents? You get what you pay for!

  5. scared of chives

    what was the last *** ? shouldn’t it be **** ********** ?

  6. Kate

    When I rang Foxtons to complain about letters arriving addressed to my daughter I was told they get their information from the electoral register.
    Sneaky buggers, or should that be *******

  7. Michele O'Brien

    Health Notes:

    Refusing a free muffin – GOOD:
    1. You don’t know what Foxtons might have put in it.
    2. Muffins are fattening anyway.

    Taking the bus from Blackheath to Sainsburys, Lee Green – BAD:
    The healthy option was to have walked it. Tales 15 minutes AND
    saves you the bus fare.

  8. Dr Nick

    I found this on Nickipedia:
    Estate Agent (n.): member of a large class of entirely useless middlemen (-persons?) that add needless cost to otherwise-simple transactions, including “chuggers” (charity muggers), and second-hand car dealers.
    Main identifying characteristics include shame (lack of), eye-burstingly decorated unnecessary cars, and inexplicable suntans.
    *Caution*: regular use of Estate Agents may cause psychosis. Some people may experience psychosis on their first exposure.

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