Foxtons will sell your house for free!

Yeah right. Did anyone else receive these leaflets? They’ll also get planning permission to open yet another estate agents in Blackheath, despite 135 local residents opposing it.

Then they’ll send letters to your children offering to sell their houses, as Kate pointed out:

My 18 year old daughter, still at school, received a letter today from the yet unopened Blackheath branch of Foxtons estate agents asking her if she wished to sell her home. The only problem being that she does not own it. Has anyone else received misguided communications from Foxtons, is this a new scam to try to persuade teenagers to sell their parents homes from underneath them. I’d be interested to hear. Should we be worried?

Brilliant! I’d be more concerned about an estate agent that thinks an alcohol free bar inside their shop is a good idea… Oh, and this from 2006. I’m sure they’re better now


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23 responses to “Foxtons will sell your house for free!

  1. Pessimistic Si

    THIS 0% IS A GIMMICK!!!! Look at the small print. If they sell before a certain date then there is no fee but if they don’t sell it before then you will pay their 3% fee (normally). You are likely to be tied into contract for a long period of time and generally speaking they will overprice initially (to gain little interest) and look to reduce after the ‘FREE’ period so they can sell it and claim their fee. Obvious they would have calculated for a small percentage to sell for free but I bet the majority would be paying. Mark my words I have had past experience of this ‘clever’ marketing ploy. I also nearly bought through them once and funnily enough a mysterious buyer appeared in order to negotiate my offer upwards. I pulled out and the property was still on the market 8 months later (I believe the mysterious buyer never really was). BEWARE !!!!

  2. Aren’t you making a mountain out of a molehill here?

    Isn’t an estate agents better than an empty shop?

    What would you like instead?

    Yes Blackheath is banged out with estate agents, but that indicates to me that they’re in demand. If they don’t make money they’ll shut them up quick enough (IE do a Nationwide). Me? I’ll just walk by them as I walk by all estate agents at the moment.

    Starting off with the assumption that most estate agents are bloody crooks is a good way of selling/buying property.

  3. Pessimistic Si

    To Chris J. There are many estate agents who I agree are crooks but I have dealt with some who, I have to say are as honest as the day is long and put the service of their customer in front of ‘getting a deal’. I recently sold through Conran Estates and purchased through John Payne and both were fantastic and may I say more professional than the majority of solicitors I have dealt with. I would recommend both strongly.

  4. Macca

    You have to love their rating on All Agents. Did everyone forget about that documentary?

    Failing that, people on Twitter seem to have a lot to say.

  5. Persua

    There’s a certain stigma attached to having a Foxtons board outside your house. I can’t imagine many of the Blackheathians going for that. I’m sure they’ll do well further afield in Eltham, Woolwich & Plumstead though.

    Dreading all those slick back haircuts and stupid minis parked all over the place. I dont think we really needed another estate agents in blackheath.

    I would have preferred to see an interesting niche shop that wasn’t a food shop or estate agent. By the looks of things, I wasn’t the only one.

  6. Olly

    It’s more about needing a useful shop rather than another estate agents. Also I believe Foxton’s is now the most overly lit shop in the village. It hurts my eyes looking at it. Even more so than Go Travel though they’re worse because of their love of comic sans and novelty cuddly toys.

  7. pete

    what is more worring is when your highlight Chris J re the above comments you go straight to the CIA web page. come on Chris own up who do you work for !!!!

  8. Di

    Foxtons seem to have employed a marketing company to spam Twitter with pro-foxtons in the last few days, to counter the thousands of foxtons hate-messages. When you search, all the negative stuff is being drowned out by these fake twitter accounts. How sad is that!?

    Hooray for the hatefoxtons bot who seems to have found a way to filter them out. Hopefully we’ll see another mainstream media article about this as yet another one of their many deceptive practices. Amazing how they get away with it really.

  9. Alex

    I’m selling my house with Foxtons under this offer (coming soon! only one available!) I too was cynical but the contract clearly says that you aren’t locked into selling with them once the 0% deal runs out. Paying £5k to sell my house through another agent will really peeve (edited for the children) me if this doesn’t work out. We’ll see how it goes: I’m under no illusions that they are doing this out of kindness but it’s worth a try.

  10. We are not a bot and it’s really hurtful when people don’t see us as real human beings. We will respond to all messages. Thanks for the mention though, We are just trying to help.


    PS. The Foxtons twitter spam looks like it stopped About 14 hours ago.

  11. The Twitter spam has now started again. We will still be filtering out all Foxtons related Tweets that are not spam.

  12. Pessimistic Si

    Just email them to their MD.

    I have just got letters sent to my wife to sell her property. Her name isnt even on the deeds!!!!

  13. Viks2

    If you do not want to have junk mail, then register your address under the mailing preference scheme and do a return to sender pointing out the error of their ways ….

  14. scared of chives

    I got the letter yesterday with the smallest small print ever.

    Consigned to bin immediately and note to self to stay well clear.

  15. Anonymous

    I’ve had nine s0 far. Saving them to repost into Foxtons’ office with a message pointing out that they have screwed what little reputation they may have had and I would now never consider using their services.

  16. Pessimistic Si

    I don’t think the estate agents in Blackheath need worry. I went in there today as I struggled through the door with my double buggy (to which no help was offered). I was then duly ignored by their chap at the front desk who had his head in his computer and obviously did not wish to interact with me. In the end I had to ask him for a sales valuation and he was confused by my request (I believe he truly thought it was a cafe rather than an estate agent). He gave me the business card of their lettings manager despite me asking for a SALES valuation. If they are this bad then I won’t trust them to sell my house. I am going to pay 1.5% to a decent outfit.

  17. King of the Heath

    From what I can see they have immense penetration in all other areas of London. I believe they will bring punters in typically looking to buy in places such as Canary Wharf and maybe West London to the area as an alternative – arguably Blackheath is better value than both of these.

    I’m glad to see there arrival, as well as other chains such as Giraffe who are CLEARLY very popular and fit the demographic.

    The village is in need of a massive overhaul of poor retail businesses who have managed to get away with inadequate menus, products and service for years….

    • Yes, we were desperate for more estate agents, I can’t tell you the relief I felt when I saw they were opening… Thank goodness.

    • Dr Nick

      I’m hoping this is ironic. (KotH, not BB).
      Otherwise, I’m quite scared. I don’t see that many poor businesses – even the good ones struggle to stay around, due to the very high rents charged by the owners, and the fact that it’s expensive to live. In London, it’s even more expensive, and major chains can aggregate very small margins into workable profits overall, but single shops can’t.

      What we need is a really good set of big chains to take everything over – then we’ll get the service and products we know we want.

      (This was definitely ironic).

  18. really? another estate agents? can anyone think of anywhere that has more estate agents per square inch than blackheath village?

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