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Foxtons will sell your house for free!

Yeah right. Did anyone else receive these leaflets? They’ll also get planning permission to open yet another estate agents in Blackheath, despite 135 local residents opposing it.

Then they’ll send letters to your children offering to sell their houses, as Kate pointed out:

My 18 year old daughter, still at school, received a letter today from the yet unopened Blackheath branch of Foxtons estate agents asking her if she wished to sell her home. The only problem being that she does not own it. Has anyone else received misguided communications from Foxtons, is this a new scam to try to persuade teenagers to sell their parents homes from underneath them. I’d be interested to hear. Should we be worried?

Brilliant! I’d be more concerned about an estate agent that thinks an alcohol free bar inside their shop is a good idea… Oh, and this from 2006. I’m sure they’re better now


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Finally a reason to watch daytime ITV

Richard from the Bookshop on the Heath writes:

You may be interested to hear that Blackheath (Oxfam Shop & our Bookshop) featured on House Gift that was broadcast on ITV last Friday, 25 Feb. It was about two Blackheath residents for whom the presenters were searching for a surprise anniversary gift.

I’m outsıde the UK right now, so the link won’t play for me. Hopefully it works for you. (Let me know in the comments when Blackheath appears, so that others don’t have to watch the whole thing!)

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