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The Blackheath Festival organisers

853blog has an interview with the organisers of the proposed festival on the heath, now provisionally branded as “On Blackeath”. They have a website too, where you can sign up for more info, or send a comment. It’s good that they’re providing more info. I still wish it was a freebie though. Maybe I’ll take my mandolin and start an illegal rave down at the other end of the heath…


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Library going, but what about the square?

There’s a carnival against the cuts at 12noon on Saturday, at the library (which the council have confirmed will be shut down permanently on 28th May). Thanks for listening Steve, really! Anyway, please show your support. http://www.carnivalagainstcuts.org.uk/

In the meantime:

  • What are the odds that now the library is out of the way, the property developers re-apply to build the Library Square, but this time sans the pesky Library?
  • Who is offering the £500k investment into Age Exchange, in return for moving the library?
  • What are the connections between the Blackheath Society, and the Library Square property developers?

Questions, questions….

From the Carnival against Cuts site:

All over the borough of Lewisham services are threatened and people being thrown out of their jobs because the Labour Mayor is accepting the Tory/Lib Dem cuts and has chosen to put sacrifice our vital services.

Here is the list of places where you can show your strength of feeling. There will be petitions, leaflets, balloons, songsheets.

Make a placard to show your disgust at Steve Bullock’s priorities. Dress up in a costume. Bring your old saucepans, kettles, whistles, drums to make a noise at 12 noon!

UPDATE: Lewisham Councils document outlining the closures, as well as various fee hikes. (PDF). (Thanks Jenny)


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