Library Occupation

Fantastic account of the overnight library sit-in at New Cross Library. Why didn’t Blackheath do this?!


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6 responses to “Library Occupation

  1. gillian gadsby

    There are about six off us working our socks off to save this library. If you want to help why don’t YOU help and have sit-in? More constructive than constantly sniping at us. Gillian Gadsby

    • I think what you’re doing is great. I’m sorry if it sounded like sniping. Since I first mentioned the sit in library protests on Feb 2nd, there have been 3,654 visits to this site. I hope it helps drive people to support what you’re doing.

  2. ElizaF

    Gillian, first of all, fair dues to you and your cold-footed peers on your work to save the library. With all the grey cold wet weather we have been having in SE3 lately, it is an admirable sacrifice for you to go without your toe-warmers for the greater good.

    Secondly, I think your above comment is unwarranted and harsh. As the ones working to save the library, why take issue when someone points out there may be a type of protest you have not tried yet? Surely if your resource pool is limited to half a dozen people, innovation and ideas from other sources are only to be welcomed?

    You do not say what you consider the author of this blog to be constantly sniping about. Could you clarify that please? If it is what I suspect and you think he is taking continual issue with the work you are doing, then can you please point out where else you think he is writing about your efforts in a derogatory way?

    May I offer some advice to you? Instead taking personal issue with a fair question written in a public blog, it would be better if you pull your socks up (rather than off). Don’t act like a heel. Read blogs such as this one carefully – stop jumping to conclusions. Learn a lesson from your mistake – in future, put your best foot forward. Stop presuming that people are against you – take your foot out of your mouth. Don’t pick fights where none exist – stop shooting yourself in the foot.

    Then, lastly learn how to take constructive criticism (on the chin)


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  4. Please feel free to bring flyers to our reception to highlight the issue with our parents. That is of course subject to checking for suitablity. Good Luck.

  5. The read-in was excellent but what do we do now to keep up the pressure.

    The attack on the libraries is a political act. Our leaders are relying on apathy to get their policies through. They are confident that they can ignore reasoned arguments, but a mass movement will get them worried.

    If you wants to defend the libraries then lend your support to the Carnival Against Cuts on 19th February

    Like the libraries read-in, the aim is to get people to move beyond complaining about the impending cuts and to get involved publically.

    On 19th February there will be protests to protect local services at points all over Lewisham, including Blackheath, from 11am to 12 noon. There will be music, placards, leaflets and petitions. Bring pots and pans and join in the “Chorus of Disapproval” across the borough at noon.

    Be in Blackheath High Street from 11am to 12 noon.

    Then join the carnival procession in Catford
    More details at

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