2pm: Save Blackheath Library

As you’ve probably already seen, today (Saturday) there will be a day of protests across the country against the proposed library closures. Lewisham Council want to close Blackheath Village Library, so please show your support. Come and read extracts from your favourite book at 2pm. The following authors and local people will be attending:

Neil Rhind
The spectacularly good writer of Blackheath Village and Environs, occasional commenter to this blog, and all round expert on anything to do with Blackheath’s history. To be honest, if you’re living in Blackheath, it’s worth attending just to hear him speak. This blog wouldn’t be what it is without his books as a reference-point.

Lucy Mangan
Columnist for The Guardian, and writer of many books, including The Reluctant Bride: One Woman’s Journey (Kicking and Screaming) Down the Aisle, (extracts of which made me laugh as I was nervously preparing to marry Mrs Bugle).

Blake Morrison
Prolific author, literary editor of both The Observer and the Independent on Sunday.  His latest book is The Last Weekend.

Lindsey Davis
Lindsey Davis – Writer of historic novels, titles include Rebels and Traitors, set around the English Civil War, and Nemesis, an Ancient Roman detective series. Which sounds like fun!

Father Nicholas, from All Saints
The vicar from the big pointy church on the heath. Not this.


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3 responses to “2pm: Save Blackheath Library

  1. Anne

    Damn – missed this. Gutted to have missed Lucy Mangan.

  2. Michele O'Brien

    First it’s Blackheath Library that’s under threat from local government cuts. Now it’s Blackheath Halls.

    Blackheath Society reports that The Halls have just heard that Greenwich Council now proposes to withdraw entirely its grant of 73,000 pounds a year, with effect from 1 April.

    “This grant is crucial particularly in supporting the Halls’ community efforts,” says a Blackheath Society statement.

    And in m opinion that’s precisely the trouble with hand-outs – they make you dependent, and as soon as the going gets tough or the political climate changes there they aren’t , and you’re in the merde.

    Some years ago we enjoyed top-quality West End theatre on our doorstep in the shape of Greenwich Theatre. Then the government of the day withdrew its hefty grant and the theatre lights went out.

    The darkness lasted several years and the best Greenwich Theatre can manage now are ho-hum repertory productions which simply can’t compare with the top quality pre-West End stuff Greenwich Theatre staged in its glory years.

    And now a thought has just crossed my mind – why not house Blackheath Library in Blackheath Halls?

    * It would help The Halls bring in some much needed cash.

    * It would be fully in line with The Halls’ “community” role.

    * And The Halls have much more space available to house the full library (with lots of extra space left over for concerts etc) than Age Concern, which is currently seeking to house a much cut-down library following extensive renovations.

    Just a thought, you understand …

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