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Pay a tenner to find out what will happen to your library

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The email below appeared from The Blackheath Society today. Why on earth the privileged members of the Blackheath Society should get a first look at the proposed library changes is beyond me. The library is a publicly owned service, funded by everyone who pays taxes, not just by the members of a small (but extremely useful) society. Maybe it’s the connection between the proposals and a classical music concert that irritates me. Is the library’s future only of interest to people who enjoy listening to Concerti Grossi? The proposals should be permanently displayed in the library, not at a concert like this.

Library plans to be outlined at Age Exchange Concert

Society members will be able to hear an early preview of the future plans for the Blackheath Village Library if they attend the annual Age Exchange (AE) charity concert at St Margaret’s Church on Saturday 19 February.

The mayor of Lewisham is due to announce a series of wide-ranging budget cuts in the second half of February, which will include decisions on each of the borough’s five libraries threatened with closure, and which will be ratified by the full council on 1 March.

It is hoped he will agree to Lewisham’s support for the Blackheath project which would create a new Community Centre, including a new library and Reminiscence Centre (RC) in the existing AE buildings, as Blackheath Village Library would close by the end of May at the latest.

The proposal is backed by the Society, the Village Residents Group and the Library Users’ Group, and Lewisham Council officers have expressed full support for the scheme.

AE is putting up most of the £500,000 required to upgrade the building and financial support from Lewisham is likely to be limited to a one-off grant to help with transitional costs. For this reason there is likely to be a fundraising campaign asking local residents and other supporters to become Friends and pledge a modest annual subscription of £30. Full details will be provided in the Society’s next newsletter in March.

The chair of the AE trustees, Sir Ian Mills, will outline the new proposals before the concert and you will also have an opportunity to view a 3-D model illustrating how the proposed upgraded RC will work.

The concert at the church in Lee Terrace given by Simon and Jenny Standage starts at 7.30pm and a glass of wine is included in the £10 price from 7pm onwards.

It will feature works by Corelli, Matteis, Leclair, Locatelli, Biber and Tartini and be organised around the theme of Angels and Devils. Tickets can be purchased from Age Exchange in the Village or booked by phone from Meg Hamilton on 020 8318 9105.

More about the concert here (pdf) from the Age Exchange site


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