Piggybanks and Edvard Munch

The never-much-good branch of Nationwide in Blackheath village is closing. More on 853blog here.

And an excellent Scream-inspired painting of Blackheath station. Sums up just about how I feel when I’m waiting there sometimes…


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4 responses to “Piggybanks and Edvard Munch

  1. Anonymous

    The explanatory letter is puke-inducing. Lotsa promises about being anxious to protect customer services, blah, blah, blah. No explanation why having to travel to Bromley in future will be a “protection”. Still, I’m sure it is meant to save depositors’ money – or maybe to help pay the £800,000 salaries of directors.

    I closed all my accounts there today.

  2. Pictures 10, 11 and 12 in the sequence alongside the Munch-like picture of Blackheath station remind me of the derelict greenhouse by the railway line between Blackheath and Lewisham — at the end of those long, long mysterious gardens on the north side of the line.

  3. Michelle O'Brien

    Has anyone else experienced difficulty withdrawing their cash from Santander recently, either in person from a local branch using a passbook and ID or by post or email?

    I have been trying for a month to close a postal account, which started life as an Abbey National postal account ages ago, and to get Santander UK plc, which took over Abbey last year, to send me a cheque.

    I’ve had some wonderful stories from Santander by phone and letter in that time. But no cheque.

    Santander’s conflicting yarns range from a signed letter last month saying “we’ve sent you a cheque” to today’s story from their office in Bradford that my money has been transferred to a special holding account in Poland and must now be sent back to Santander in the UK before I can receive it.

    Intrigued, I Googled “Santander” + “complaints” and came up with a raft of British news media reports about Santander horror stories stretching back over the year. They include one in The Guardian three months ago suggesting Santander and other banks may be operating a deliberate policy “to do everything possible to try to prevent you taking out your own money”.

    Anyone else had problems with Santander that point in this direction?

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