Pop Festival – the anti NIMBY nimby leaflet

Leaflet from the Blackheath Society - Two Day Pop Festival on Blackheath
Here’s the leaflet from the Blackheath Society about the proposed pop festival on the heath. I didn’t get one – maybe they were only distributed along the edges of the heath?

Text shown below – not because I necessarily agree with the sentiment!


Are you aware that Lewisham Council has granted a licence for a company called NIMBY Events to put on a major Pop Festival on the Heath? It will be in the same location as the 2009 Climate Camp, but will occupy much more of the Heath. It has been fixed for 10/11th September 2011.

  • Major features [aside from loud music] include:
  • A start at midday each day and finish at 11.00 pm (10.30 pm on Sunday)
  • An audience of up to 25,000 on each day
  • Fully licensed bars until 30 minutes before the finish
  • Road closures
  • Licence granted in perpetuity

The Blackheath Society is concerned that the grant of this licence, with minimal conditions, will result in a major nuisance to local residents during the event as well as crime and disorder when the festival goers leave.

The Society is not against events on the Heath in principle, but expects them to be carefully planned and regulated. In this case, very little detail has been provided. If NIMBY is allowed to go ahead in this way, it will set a dangerous precedent.

We are therefore appealing the decision to the Magistrates Court in early March. This is a costly exercise, and we are looking for support beyond our existing membership.

lf you share our concern, and would like to support us or would like more information or give us your views – you can contact the Society on 020 8297 1937 (leave a message out of hours) or blackheath.soc@lineone.net Further details are also on our website: www.blackheath.org


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8 responses to “Pop Festival – the anti NIMBY nimby leaflet

  1. Ed

    Sweet, a festival I can walk home from! Great stuff.

    • YIMBY

      Great idea! Hope they can get good acts. With the Greenwich comedy festival going from strength to strength, I’d love to see a similarly strong music festival here. And yes, I live close enough to the site that I would hear it from my home. I guess that makes me a YIMBY!

  2. P Soole

    I should like to say I am against the go head of a pop concert on Blackheath
    1 What’s in it for blackheath residents or shopkeepers.
    2 Where are regular walkers and dog walkers going to walk while this event is taking place.
    3 This will encourge lots of people from outside Blackheath, and might even cause trouble.
    4 Its bad enough having Greenwich Park turned into a horse event course for the Olympics is there anything else the Council would like us to do and give up our right.

    • Jon Lee

      1. What’s in it for residents-an easy to get to concert. Shopkeepers-loads of customers.
      2. Walk your dog in the park, or maybe just somewhere else. Most people in London with dogs don’t have Blackheath next to them.
      3. People from outside of Blackheath! Shock horror! The vast majoity of concerts are perfectly peaceful and employ competant security staff.
      4. The olympics is Greenwich council. This is Lewisham council. And since when did a pop concert involve you giving up your rights?

  3. Primrose carrie Erbagge

    Being a local resident,I would be pleased if the Blackheath Society would check exactly where the festival was to take place ,how it is going to be policed(not only by the met police,but also by the organisers) Is it a fee paying event? Which would mean the fencing off of common land,which is illegal as far as I know.If they meet the criteria of H&S I don’t see a problem at all.I’m sick and tired of NIMBY’s,don’t waste your members money on something like this.

    • It is a fee paying event
      The exact location is detailed in the council’s documents (roughly where the Climte Camp was held).
      Blackheath isn’t common land.
      Lots of events close part of the heath. Eg the golf tournament a couple of years ago.

      I’m not necessarily in favour, just thought I should clarify.

  4. LucyFishwife

    This would be a Sunday night during school term time? In perpetuity? Slightly stupid planning for a largely residential area, no?

  5. Simon

    Who actually owns Blackheath bet it’s not the Blackheath
    8 days to have a concert out of 365 is not unreasonable
    A bunch of busybodies who only want the Heath to be used for dog walking and nothing else
    Grow up get a job to take up the silly amount of spare time you have on you’re hands to moan relentlessly about a piece of grass which is not yours to control
    This is all pathetic

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