NIMBY Pop Festival on the Heath?

During the Blackheath Climate Camp, photo by Indymedia
After the Blackheath Climate Camp, photo by Indymedia

The mysterious NIMBY Events Ltd are planning a two day pop festival to be held every year in approximately the same place as the Climate Camp (but bigger). The first one is due to take place on September 10th-11th. Lewisham Council have approved the alcohol license (PDF should be here, but has disappeared). Glendale, the contractors who manage the park for Lewisham Council also approve of the deal. The Blackheath Joint Working Party have considered – and rejected the idea twice, but NIMBY continued with the application to the council despite this.

The Blackheath Society are now planning to fight this in the courts, and seem very opposed to it – as can be seen on the front page of their website.

There is another meeting of the Blackheath Joint Working Party on Thursday 3rd February, 7.30pm, in St Michael’s Church Hall, Blackheath Park, 1 Pond Road, SE3 9JL, where the plans will be discussed further.

I can’t help thinking that Twitter user ladywormhill could have a point:

The Climate Camp was unquestionably a successful event held on the heath. These would be paying punters, who wouldn’t tidy up after themselves, but the organisers would have to deal with this. The heath is a big place, and many smaller parks hold similar festivals occasionally without the sky falling on their heads. Opposing it outright seems to summon up images of a rather stuffy form of Nimbyism (unfortunate choice of name by the promoters)… Maybe the solution would be to grant a single license for one year, on the understanding that any additional year would also have to be approved.

Or I suppose the mysterious NIMBY events group could just do what the protesters did, and turn up without permission, assuming they wanted a free rave on the heath, not a profitable enterprise. I’m sure either outcome would be great for local businesses, and is arguably similar to what used to happen on the heath regularly a few centuries ago. UPDATE: Come to think of it, part of the heath was closed for a day recently to allow a golf tournament.

Photos showing before and after the Climate Camp, by Indymedia. If anyone knows anything more about the mysterious Nimby Events, please let me know.


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  1. ThePirateKing

    I agree, I think this could be great. The heath should be used a bit more for public events. I’m very tempted to write to the court in support of the application.

    • Lorna Taylor

      Give the event a chance – we recently organised an event (admittedly with only 2500 people) which, beforehand I wasn’t completely won over on, BUT it turned out to be a fantastic event with the community and families still talking about it 3 months later and asking “will we do it again next year?” Our event was to raise money for community use and the music turned off by 11pm. It was sheer hard work to organise but so glad it all came together so well despite many negatice comments beforehand (noise, litter, damage to the meadow, crime) Good luck with it and make sure you have a lost child proceedure – we needed our three times!

  2. adam

    the regularity of such events would be dependant on the licence holders of the heath and the agreements within the licence. I imagine this is, in this case lewisham council. If the heath doesn’t have an annual licence then a temporary events licence must be sought for the duration of the event only.
    The chances of any event being granted a rolling licence that covers many years are very slim

  3. Ben

    The alcohol license is a recurring licence for recurring years as far as I know which seems surprising.

    I know that people that live in adjoining roads often are frustrated by road closures and general disruption by large events, whether these are the marathon, fireworks, race for life, bike and kite festival, and noise from various fairgrounds and circuses.

    This event is 2 days with what will be loud music, road disruption, and large bits of the heath cut off. As people already complain about antisocial behavior and drinking noise in the village one would only guess this would add to this. It may sound like a nice idea to some to have live music (of who knows what), but I can see why people would say “Not In My Back Yard”.

    Please do contact the council if you support this but remember it’s not far to see live music whether in central London or Greenwich, it is not like we have no options near by.

    I’m not saying I’m for or against it, – it probably would vary depending on who was playing, but I would defer to people who will be most disrupted and the long term health of the heath.

    • ThePirateKing

      People who live in the adjoining roads are in general very very lucky, and if they would like to house swap with me then they are more than welcome.

      There’s almost no noise from the fairground and the circus – that far across the heath.

      • NatMeister

        i agree, I work in blackheath and the benefits of living in blackheath far outweight the inconvenience of a few events (if you can call it an inconvenience), i hate to say it but a lot of residents in blackheath are stuffy, stuck up and believe that the area belongs to them, we are now having to endure the constant drone of them complaining about the use of Greenwich park for the olympics (it was partially closed recently for less than a week for practice run and boy did they moan) with some even marching in protest…..What! is it their royal park too now, they are unbelieveable and i really hope the event takes place.

  4. Indigo

    I think the residents should remember that the climate camp was great for local small business food outlets. Which the local residents like having too.

    Increased turnover during festival could help ensure that the local small food shops are able to keep going for the rest of the year, serving the residents.

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  6. Jonnie Marsh

    I think that the festival on the heath is a great idea and a success for the local area. Everyone all over London have to suffer to road closures but mainly to road works rather than an event as good as this could be. The local business will make more money and will also no doubt bring the community together.

    It would be an injustice to have this great space and not to use it for some that will benefit so many.

  7. The Earl

    I believe that this is a great idea and will help funding in the future for this like transport and local government in general.
    Well done to whoever came up with the idea.

  8. megalegs2000

    As long as a percentage of acts, food, drink and party-goers are guaranteed to be local then this will be a great event and a great boost for Blackheath businesses. Two nights of partying in a year is completely reasonable for us locals to have to put up with. Any chance reduced price tickets for Blackheathians?

  9. John

    Great! My only concern is that the bands are good . Agree it s got to be managed carefully but the council is not known for it’s lack of paperwork .

  10. James Porter

    A festival will be great for the Heath and it is about time that something like happened. I hope that it actually goes ahead this year as it will be great for the area.

  11. Garry hartley

    It definately has my support, as a local I think that this will be a great way to bring the community together and also bring in much needed money for local shops and businesses.

  12. Stuart

    Sounds like a great opportunity to showcase Blackheath and bring valuable business to the village shops, restaurants and bars …. events like this commonly happen on Clapham Common with great success… as a Blackheath local I’m really looking forward to having some live music and a great event in my back yard!

  13. Rich

    A bit of live music and merryment on the heath? Why not… Sounds like a superb idea to me, something that should have been done a long time ago!

  14. Andy M

    Couldn’t be more excited about this event. What a great way to bring music to the Heath!

  15. StephenR

    I think a live music event on Blackheath would be a fantastic idea; a great way to showcase the area and help local businesses through tough times. Other councils allow these kind of events to run with little negative impact on the local community.
    Blackheath has the fireworks in the winter, I think it could use a summer event for everyone to get behind too.

  16. Luke

    I believe the festival will bring a great deal of fun, pride and money to the area, welcome in any year, but particularly in these straightened times. If properly managed (and my understanding is it will be very well organised and has police and council support) it will be an exciting event and something new for this part of the city; it could even increase visitor numbers to the Village as people return to explore and this must be a good thing for local business. Yes of course it will cause some upheaval just as the fairs, circus, fireworks and the London Marathon all do and Blackheath would be the poorer without these events. I think it’s a good thing for our area and I hope it succeeds.

  17. patrick

    provided its responsibly run i think the benefits trump the worries that residents may have. this kind of event brings a lot of revenue to the local area and as someone else said everyone throughout london has to deal with disruption in a daily basis. it seems a little short sited and selfish for a few residents to try and stop an event which would seemingly benefit the larger community as a whole.

  18. Anonymous

    I’m curious how many supporters of this festival live within blaring distance of the site. Presumably they would be just as enthusiastic if it was a few hundred yards from their doors. I have been to many festivals over the last 30 years and can say without doubt that the noise will be traumatic far beyond the site boundaries. That’s why most festivals are located away from housing.

    And don’t quote the circus/fairs, which are way across the non-inhabited part of the Heath and produce only local noise. Comparison with the fireworks is also daft. A few hours of family entertainment on one evening in November is a lot different to 25,000 ravers around for a whole weekend on the Heath. Expect tents sprawled way beyond the site [where else will they stay?]. Nor are they likely to be as polite and thoughtful as the Climateers.

    Precedent is also important. Imagine this is so successful that tickets sell out. How can anyone then object to 50,000 people spread over a bigger area?

  19. Claire

    I have just read the license application on the lewisham council website and it appears that the music will stop at 10.30pm on Saturday and 10pm on Sunday which I think is pretty sociable. Also, camping will not be allowed under this license as the events are classed as two separate days and the security and police will surely sweep the Heath for any campers. I have a small business in the Village and would love to see an event like this to welcome new customers. I can understand why residents might be concerned but from what I have read it seems well organised. Surely Lewisham council would not have granted a license without a great deal of consideration?

  20. Lee W

    Small businesses are core to this country’s success and I’m surprised that my neighbours in Blackheath are not excited that Nimby Events has choosen Blackheath for their Festival.

    We are lucky that the village is not becoming a ghost town like many local high streets and I think for the good of the local shops, business’s and local people that this will benefit, we should fully support it.

    Has anyone even asked how many local people will benefit from this Festival? I’m sure it’s massively more than the few people who may not benefit.

  21. YIMBY

    I am a YIMBY in this case. Yes (please!) In My Back Yard. My only concern is with quality. And yes, I live within “blaring distance”.

  22. Talbot

    Slightly off topic but come on – ‘The Climate Camp was unquestionably a successful event’ – It wasn’t, everyone has forgotten about it now. It achieved nothing, government policy, industry/consumer energy use did not change. That many people could have achieved something really productive as opposed to sitting around in tents.

    On topic, I live on the heath where I will hear the event. I dont really have a problem with it but it does seem to run a little late, especially Sunday – the noise will continue after 1000 as people leave and the site is packed up. I only hope that Lewisham council have made alot of money (that can be put to good use) licensing this!

    • Off topic: I thought very carefully about that point. I said the event was successful. Almost no crime, no mess afterwards, and a positive message. I didn’t say that they’d stopped global warming!

      On topic: I’d like it a lot more if it was a free music festival. But I guess those days are over.

      • Lee W

        Fanstasy probably, but hey who knows, if it turns out to be a successful event it may get sponsored and become subsidised or even free.

        Worth giving it the chance, stranger things have happened!

  23. Live music event on Blackheath what a great idea. I run a small food outlet in the area and in the current economic climate the event will be a massive the area. And what’s wrong with a bit of music in a summer evenings anyway.

    Good luck to all involved

  24. I’m a Blackheath resident, I live on the one of the main routes from Lewisham station up to the heath, and I shop in the village – in the two or three shops that still sell things as opposed to being cafes and restaurants. I think it’s a huge pity that it seems to be turning into an ‘entertainment destination’ rather than a place where people can live and work and do an everyday shop reasonably (the Blackheath shops are nearly all overpriced and I use them for solidarity not value).
    A large music festival may bring a bit of custom into the village but we know they will have food stalls (‘substantial’) as well as licensed bars on the site. What will happen is that people will get tanked up at a local pub – which will probably be cheaper than the festival franchises – before, and top up after. And then shout and vomit all the way down the road where I live.
    The music will be overamplified, it will be the sort of music I don’t like, and there will be no escape from it. But I am clearly in a minority here and will just have to barricade the windows and go away. Which I resent.

    No, I am not looking forward to this at all, and am supporting the Blackheath Society.

  25. Becca

    I am really excited about the festival in Blackheath – what an amazing event to have on your doorstep. Events like this festival, the London marathon, fireworks etc will keep the village alive. Blackheath is a great place to live, looking forward to going and taking the kids so hope it goes through.

  26. Juli C

    Great idea. Lived , worked , socialized and shopped in Blackheath all my life and is the perfect place as always to host an event. I think that the London Marathon has been very successful in accommodating huge crowds .With proper organization that I am sure will be scrutinised by Lewisham Council, a Live Music Event will be something to look forward to . Lucky Blackheath to have this on your doorstep .

  27. Katie

    Having been to similar events in Clapham I think it’s a great idea. They certainly don’t get tents being put up etc, generally it’s Londoners who come for the day, have a nice time with their friends and wend their (peaceful) way home. It’s certainly nothing like Glastonbury or the like! I think the second ‘festival’ gets mentioned, everyone panics and thinks the worst. If run properly it could be a lovely day out, that people can bring their kids to (in the day anyway), sit around on the grass, have a few drinks and hear some good music, where is the harm in that?!

  28. Pete

    What a great idea to hold a music event on Blackheath. Its been a long time waiting for this to happen after so many other parks now hold one. The music always stops by 11 / 12 o’clock at festivals so its not like it will disrupt locals all night.

  29. Peter Wright

    I think this would be a great event for Blackheath from what I’ve read it seam’s that the organizers have covered just about every argument that the Blackheath Society can throw at them. if the Blackheath Society were worried about the image of Blackheath I suggest they visit The Princess of Wales public house & vent there anger on the state of the place.
    C’mon do us a real service leave the festival alone & sort out the Princess!!!

  30. Emma

    I live in blaring distance and feel more than a little depressed by this. I love a bit of music but I also like to enjoy some stress-free quiet during my very valuable downtime. I like to be able to choose. It’s all very well saying it’s just one weekend (which it isn’t btw)- but these are people’s homes and sometimes there is no escape. What if that particular weekend involves dealing with illness or bereavement? Weekend long festivals are just not appropriate in residential areas – even when they increase takings at the local shops.

    • So 10,000 people should enjoy a music weekend because one well off person in a nice posh residence near by might be dealing with illness or bereavement that weekend? Blimey, you think the world revolves round you, don’t you?

      • Dr Nick

        Very nice reply.
        Your comment seems to be seated in envy – perhaps we should be finding and burning all the people more “privileged” (by your definition) than you think is fair?

        Have you considered that the reason to hold a music festival is mainly to make lots of money for the organisers?

        I look around our society today and see benefit after benefit that we’ve all gained by doing things than made a few entrepreneurial people richer. Privatisation has really been a blessing for all of us hasn’t it?

        I understand that the proposed festival isn’t quite in the league of the ideologically-motivated hamstringing of British Rail, for instance, but there is a profit motive here.

        People, even the “rich” – and we’re not all rich in Blackheath, we might just have lived here for a long time, when house prices were more realistically linked to land and building costs – should not be sacrificed on the altar of profit, even if the profit driver is a nice music festival.

        For me, irrespective of the potential disturbance (I don’t live on the Heath, but I do live in the Village), how the *heck* do about 25,000 extra people get in and out of the area? At weekends??

        I used to live in Greenwich, and around the time of the great Dome, Greenwich Council were removing parking, putting in bus lanes, changing road priorities, having a new Underground extension built… The expected daily visitor numbers weren’t that much greater. (I believe the average was between 20-25k people/day)

        The transport infrastructure doesn’t exist to support this. The no. 53 bus cannot run enough extra buses, Blackheath station can possibly spit out 5000 in great discomfort and questionable safety, and Greenwich and Lewisham stations are further away, and up big hills.

        Perhaps we can harness the hot air generated from burning the rich to fill giant hot air balloons, to carry the crowds from strategic muster points?

  31. Gavin

    Some people are always going to complain about new events like this because they are scared of change and seem to resent the younger generations championing progress. Ignore them, I am in my 40’s and I think it’s great that there are so many festivals that I can take my kids to. Blackheath is a fantastic place that should be used by as many people as possible. The marathon, fireworks and the like are brilliant events and the heath is calling out for a music festival regardless of genre. Let’s face it if you don’t like events going on in your back yard don’t live in London! It would be a huge shame if this festival didn’t go ahead because of a few disapproving residents.

  32. Val

    I think this is a fantastic idea. I am a local resident, privileged to enjoy many of the events held on the Heath. I’m looking forward to this event and try to look at the possible positivity that may come of this, rather than all the potential negative stuff. Give it a go, you never know you may actually enjoy it!!!!

  33. River

    What a superb idea! Finally a decent music event which I don’t have to travel across London for!
    The heath is such a fantastic venue for this type of event and it can only help bring more money into the local area. It is blindingly obvious that this venue can support large-scale events and I am astonished that something like this has never been organised before. Sign me up!

  34. Anonymous

    Isn’t the bigger issue the lack of communication? It doesn’t say much for Lewisham Council as a representative institution when there is an application for a licence for an event to be attended by 25,000 people and no residents are told, and when the application is granted and no residents are told. Or am I expecting too much from government these days?

  35. Mary

    @ Kate (26 Jan) – your sad, nimby, self-obsessed comment makes me want to support the festival even more.

    You ‘might not like the music’ – wtf?? does the world have to conform to your tastes? It’s perhaps OK for one of your goody-goody friends to run the marathon while pissing in Greenwich Park bushes before setting off and chucking plastic water bottles everywhere- but not supporting a (once in a..) event.

    (ps: I have to mention piss in all my posts)

  36. Michele O'Brien

    Mr. Tom Wates’ Nimby Events Ltd. may be a bit obscure and “mysterious”, as you say Mr. Bugle. But its partner in the proposed pop music festival on the Heath, Metropolis Music, certainly isn’t.

    Metropolis Music – – bills itself as one the UK’s two leading music promoters.

    “Metropolis have presented tours for some of the greatest acts around, including Oasis, Take That, Muse, AC/DC, Kings of Leon, Peter Kay, The Killers, Florence & The Machine, Arctic Monkeys, Paolo Nutini, JLS and Dizzee Rascal amongst many others!” its website declares.

    The proposed involvement of Metropolis was revealed by Mr. Alex Wicks, a director of Nimby, at a crowded public meeting of Blackheath Joint Working Party (the BJWP) at Blackheath Thursday night (Feb. 3).

    The BJWP comprises community and business interests, including the anti-
    festival Blackheath Society, together with representatives of Lewisham and Greenwich Councils. It concerns itself with all matters affecting the Heath.

    Mr. Wicks was there with another NIMBY Events director, Terry Felgate. The twitching tail of an angry Blackheath Society was clear to see and Messrs Wicks and Felgate had to field some close and hostile questioning
    from the audience. Mr. Wates couldn’t make it. He was on holiday.

    One of the odd things that strikes me personally is that although NIMBY applied for and was granted permission by Lewisham Council’s Licensing Committee as far back as October last year to sell alcohol at the festival it hasn’t yet obtained formal consent to stage the event on the Heath.

    That seems cart-before-horse to me. Perhaps I’m getting it all wrong but it did strike me that maybe Metropolis may have used NIMBY as a willing stalking horse before deciding whether to get on board – on the basis NO LICENCE TO SELL ALCOHOL, NO METROPOLIS INVOLVEMENT.

    Call my cynical but it’s a fact of contemporary British life that the sale of alcohol can bring in an awful lot of cash at these things, in fact can be the make or break factor when it comes to deciding if they go ahead or not.

    I wonder if Lewisham Council’s Licensing Committee realized that when they granted NIMBY the alcohol licence. I expect so. They’re not daft.

    And the council IS facing very difficult times because of government cuts and every penny must help.

    Blackheath Society’s appeal, complete with barrister, against the granting of the licence to NIMBY to sell alcohol at the proposed festival will be heard at Bromley Magistrates Court in March.

    • Claire

      I have been following the developments of the Blackheath festival as a keen music fan – but as a quick response to the ‘cart-before-the-horse’ comment. The process to put on any event on an open space is to apply for a license first. If a license is granted – which NIMBY has to stage the festival, including the license to sell alcohol which runs parallel – it will come with a number of conditions. The obvious health & safety report, transport plan and the important small print has to be in place before an event can take place. A condition of NIMBY’s license is to present a Management Plan (covering all aspects of the event) to the council three months before the event which the council can either sign off or demand further information. This is standard practise so that whomever has a license can’t just do what he or she pleases. This is also a yearly practise and the Management Plan must be signed off yearly with Lewisham’s approval. It’s all on the Bugle website under minutes of hearing.

      I am also aware that the Blackheath Society are not happy with the planned event, however, this is not unusual. They are also trying to stop the ‘run for life’ cancer research event as the tannoy was too loud. The event raised over £1 million pounds for charity in a couple of hours. They also appealed against the Olympics, using some ancient by-law and, although I appreciate there concerns, I am not sure whether their opinions reflects the general opinion of the area. This website certainly proves that there is support for the festival…….I will keep watching the developments with interest….

    • Yes, it’s a great shame that the Blackheath Society are wasting their money this way. They never asked their fee paying members (I’m one) if they were for or against the event. The main committee (average age a little over 117 years old) just decided that everyone must be against it. They make themselves look old and out of touch with such a knee jerk reaction.

  37. Helena Wiltshire

    I think the festival is an amazing idea and just what South London needs. It’s the perfect place for a festival and great views!!

    • Michele O'Brien

      More details here on Metropolis Music, NIMBY’s partner in the proposed pop festival on the Heath in September, supplied by one of my music industry contacts.

      Metropolis Music was founded in 1985 by Bob Angus. Fellow director Paul Hutton joined the company in 1987 and Glyn Smith became Financial Director in 2004.

      The business has grown in stature and reputation over the years and is now recognised as one of the country’s leading independent concert promotion companies.

      Bob Angus also sits on the executive committee of the Concert Promoters Association.

      There are currently 25-plus full time employees at Metropolis Music. 


The company promotes some 500 concerts per year in clubs, ballrooms, city halls, arenas and stadiums across the UK.

      They have promoted many of the most significant acts today. Among their current clients are Robbie Williams, Eminem, Coldplay, Snow Patrol, Kings Of Leon, Razorlight, Foo Fighters, Rammstein, System Of A Down, Blur, asement Jaxx, Bjork, The Strokes, The White Stripes, Kaiser Chiefs, Keane,, The Specials, Lily Allen, Elbow, Scissor Sisters and Nick Cave.

      Events have included three nights of Robbie Williams at Knebworth Park, five nights at Milton Keynes Bowl and two nights at Cardiff Millennium Stadium; Coldplay at Crystal Palace and Wembley Stadium; Oasis at Wembley Stadium, Milton Keynes Bowl, Coventry Ricoh Stadium and Cardiff Millennium Stadium; Eminem at Milton Keynes Bowl; Blur at Mile End Stadium and Hyde Park.

  38. Worker B

    I agree, a festival on the Heath would be fantastic for Blackheath and it would only give a couple of day’s disruption.

  39. My front gate opens onto where this festival will be. At first I thought oh no, not on my front lawn. But when I read the leaflet, I found it so biased and terrified of everything, I now side with the concert. Why on earth not? Balmy summer evening, happiness on the heath, Blackheath at the forefront. I not only want it now, I demand it be here. And my deckchair willbe slap bang in front of the stage.

    My only concern is that the vulnerable streets have police or security on them during the drunken outpour at the end, and that the bands be good and not include Florence and the Machine, because try as I have, I don’t like those at all.

  40. Olly Knight

    Finally, something happening on the heath other than the usual fun fair. This is a brilliant idea.

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  42. Blackheathbull

    It seems to me that a festival would generate well earned revenue for the council(s) and also local businesses. Surely this can only be a good thing?

    Good luck in court!

  43. Bob Land

    I read somewhere that the festival would generate £ 1 million of revenue for local businesses , I can’t imagine that all the visitors hopping off buses and trains etc, will say “shall we do a spot of shopping , before we go and listen to the music”
    I think that the only ones that will benefit are Pubs and Restaurants , £ 1 million, that is a lot of food and drink !!!!!

  44. Jon Lee

    Very much in favour of this. A bit shocked that the Blackheath Society did not consult its own members over this. Is that constiutional? Maybe time for members to stage a coup. I mean honestly!-objecting to fun runs because the tannoy is too loud!!! Time for ordinary members to save the society from becoming (even more of) a laughing stock.

  45. Michele O'Brien

    Blackheath Society was due in court Thursday and Friday (March 3 and 4) with a barrister to argue its case against the proposed two-day pop festival on the Heath this September 10/11.

    Does anybody know the outcome of the appeal hearing at Bromley or when it can be expected? Neither Blackheath Society, NIMBY Events Ltd., the company that has applied to hold the festival, nor Lewisham Council whose Licensing Committee gave it the go-ahead has yet said.

    I think we should be told. This is a hot topic locally.

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  47. Anonymous

    Explain the term “minority”. Would that be equivalent to you complaining that 50 people want to hold a two-day rave next door to your home? How disgraceful. They should be allowed to have fun, not be stopped by a single person who may object to the disturbance.

  48. Brian

    You are absolutely right Lee, in fact I have heard that Lewisham will be spending upwards of £100,000 on this appeal. That is £100,000 that should be spent on other more important matters, such as the library and potholes! As a Lewisham taxpayer I resent the fact that a small minority who appeal against pretty much everything are forcing the council to waste money on something that ultimately will be for the greater good.

  49. Anonymous

    “Small minority who appeal against pretty much everything”
    “Lewisham will be spending upwards of £100,000”

    You have, of course, hard evidence for both these statements. It would be a shame if someone was peddling nonsense.

    A clue: check how FEW things that BlackSoc and BVRG appeal against. Then ask yourself whether you should take some active role against your perception of crustyism in this “small minority” rather than whinge from the sidelines.

  50. Local Girl

    Dear Anonymous, I work for Lewisham council and I can vouch that the time, personnel and hard cash being spent by the council will end up more than £100k just to defend their decision. Not to mention the money spent from the BSoc and the organisers. £63million pounds of cuts – all of my colleagues being made redundant – The £100k could have payed for an employee for five years!

    BSoc shame on you….and yes they do appeal most things/everything.

    n.b// to explain the term minority you could always look at the 853 blog poll. 91% for 9% against aka THE MINORITY

    • Anonymous

      If you add up staff time, it would obviously get into six figures. You might say the same about a single committee meeting. But the council would not have faced such a bill if it had consulted the body to which it has delegated care of the Heath and includes several Lewisham councillors.

      As for BlackSoc appealing everything, try joining – or at least reading the last few years’ annual reports – rather than spouting generalisations. You’ll see how selective it is about objections. It also wins the backing of locals and the two councils in most cases.

      BTW, a majority of people voting on an internet poll is hardly representative. Tell you what, I’ll nip around the scores of homes next to the proposed gig site and get them to vote whether to have a two-day brass band parade outside your windows. I’m certain I would get a majority.

  51. Jon Lee

    Well done ‘local girl’.
    I’m almost tempted to join the Blackheath Society just to propose a ‘no confidence’ motion on the leadership……

  52. Angry Janice

    I for one want Blackheath’s little band of goody two shoes hung on the heath, like the good old days beofore being frightened and moaning became somehow a respectable disposition.

    Also could we have Marina and the Diamons, because I do like her.

  53. Chad Valley

    The organisers of the OnBlackheath music festival will be holding a public information evening on Friday 18th March.

    This will give a chance to hear from the team behind the event, as well as an opportunity to ask any questions.

    This meeting will be held at Hollyhedge House (TA Building) on Wat Tyler Road at 7.30pm on Friday 18th March 2011.

    For further information please go to or

  54. Margaret D.

    I must be a relatively juvenile member of the Blackheat Society if, as one of the bloggers suggests, most members have long since received their telegrams from the Queen, but surely experience and the wisdom that may go with it should count for something? It would, of course, be wonderful to have more young members and they would be welcomed with open arms.
    The society ‘s main aim has always been “to preserve and enhance the character of Blackheath Village and the Heath” and, were it not for the vigilance of its committee and its members in the late 1960’s, we would have a motorway running through the heart of the village as part of London’s Inner Ring Road scheme!
    My main concern over the proposed NIMBY event is the huge precedent that it will set if it goes ahead. The Heath already hosts many events throughout the year, and of course it is right that it should, but surveys have shown that the vast majority of people in London appreciate their parks and open spaces principally for “quiet enjoyment”. – particularly important when living in a busy, noisy, crowded city.
    In London we have many venues where we can hear live music and rave the night away if desired, but if we over use and exploit our parks they will cease to provide us with our much – needed “quiet open space”.

  55. Paul L

    Well I think from the majority of comments on here the idea of a festival on Blackheath common is a popular one. I live within walking distance of the common myself and I’d like to see this happen. I really don’t think the Blackheath Society actually give a proper reflection of the views of Blackheath locals on this, most of the people I’ve spoken to would be happy to host the event. They do come across as quite an elitist group, and not representative of the majority of the people that live here. I look at past events that have been held for example the film festival in Greenwich Park and the Summer Sessions/Comedy Festival at the Naval College, all have been held with no trouble at all. Of course the Blackheath Music festival will be a larger event than these, but why not give it a chance, it could actually turn out to be a great event and allow people to enjoy themselves, what’s the harm in that? If there are problems with crime, antisocial behaviour etc.. then you haven’t got to renew the licence for next year, but unless you give it a chance you’ll never know

  56. Lara

    I love how many blogs and comments there are about OnBlackheath. I hope the festival does go ahead, very little happens on the heath and the money and interest generated will be huge.

    Good luck NIMBY Events! :)

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