The high street becomes even more of a dog’s breakfast

Blackheath Village Roadworks - letter from Lewisham Council
You’ll see how wonderful that headline is when the next post appears. Trust me…

The letter shown above appeared today. It seems that the council are going to make the road over the bridge a bit smoother, and reduce the puddles. Personally, I’d rather keep my bloody library! If the planned sit-in on February 19th doesn’t work, maybe a mass-book removal might.

Here’s the text in full:

Re: Blackhealh Village Road Works
As part of our commitment to maintain the local environment, we will be carrying out road works in Blackheath Village, outside the railway station. The works are being carried out to reduce the height of the existing raised table crossing and to improve the surface water drainage system as much as possible.

We plan to commence the works on Monday 31st of January. Works will take approximately five days, weather permitting, and will be carried out between the hours of 8.00 am and 4.00pm. Unfortunately it will be necessary to carry out some of the works at night, between 8:00pm & 1:00am, although no mechanical breaking will be carried out after 11pm. The night work is expected to be carried out on the first and last nights, although this may be subject to change,

During the works. the pedestrian crossing in front of the station building will be closed. The carriageway width will be reduced and alternate traffic flow will be controlled by temporary signals.

Heavy plant and machinery will inevitably cause some noise nuisance but we will minimise this wherever possible. Your full co-operation with the contractors would be much appreciated.

Lewisham Council thanks you for your patience during these works and we apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused. For any further information or concerns please contact myself directly on 020 8314 2588.
Mike Payami
Senior Engineer/Project Manager


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3 responses to “The high street becomes even more of a dog’s breakfast

  1. Ed

    Anyone know what’s going on at the crown pub ? It used to be a v busy pub years ago . Maybe it s having a much needed refurbishment .

    • Anonymous

      The brewery recently discovered that no-one owned the triangle of forecourt, so it laid claim to the space and asked to put up some god-awful giant awnings so poor ‘ickle boozers could shelter from the Blackheath weather. It got slapped down, of course, but there is bound to be something swish planned to make it a revelers’ “destination”. Gawd ‘elp local residents.

      [The inside is also being knocked around to improve the bogs and kitchen]

  2. Michele O'Brien

    A hand-delivered letter from Lewisham Council addressed to Blackheath Village residents and retailers says the five days of road works the council had planned to start today (Monday January 31) outside the station are being postponed because Southern Gas Networks is looking for a gas leak.

    “You may have seen Southern Gas Networks working close to the railway station for over a week,” writes Mr. Payami of the council’s Transport Network Management.

    Over a week? That’s a laugh. Southern Gas Networks has had the pavement up for over seven weeks.

    “I understand that they are ventilating the inspection chambers and trying to locate/stop a gas leak,” Mr. Payami reports.

    “We were hoping that these emergency gas works would be completed by today (January 31) but unfortunately they have no yet managed to repair the gas leak. It would not be safe for us to undertake our essential road works until the emergency gas works have been completed …

    “… unless you hear from us otherwise, please note that we have rescheduled our essential road works to commence from 7pm (sic) on next Monday 7th February.”

    And so it goes, and so it goes. A gas leak? Does that mean the place could go up any minute. Let’s hope not.

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