Now Wash Your Hands

Andrex advert using Blackheath village

Eagle-eyed William spotted Blackheath in the hideous Andrex Puppy advert. Look about 30 seconds in. Then read this wonderful review of such a creepy looking promo. As the nutters on youtube say

“Because some people prefer the old real puppy that was actually cute, not a CGI dog wearing a wrist watch”

The Cactus Pit becomes “Bones 4u”. Arf arf.
The Village Barbers maintains the colour scheme, but becomes “Mutts Cuts”. Which would annoy me if I was the owner! It’s a great barber shop!
El Pirata becomes the “Chihuahua Bar”.

(And the song is called “Little Things”, by Dave Berry from 1965)


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9 responses to “Now Wash Your Hands

  1. Simon

    I know the 89 doesn’t come along very often but it’s going to get a shock when it finds a car and a taxi going the wrong way round the one-way system.

  2. ElizaF

    Tsk … there goes the village. People will be saying it is far too woof a place to live in now.

  3. night owl

    12 seconds in, when the plane is passing by, you can see a background reminding Blackheath village roofs, am I wrong?

  4. Anonymous

    For some strange reason they have reversed the ground floor – which is probably how they managed to get the traffic going the wrong way. The picture framer is Bones4U and the Cactus Pit has been given a makeover.

  5. Mary

    In my youth, I once dropped a full mug of warm piss from the flat above the barber. I was drunk. I’m not proud of it.

  6. Mary

    I lived there with a few mates (mid-80s) and we’d regularly get drunk on lager bought from a Peter Dominic branch that had an alcohol content of about 2%. The flat was a dive, we lived like the Young Ones (one friend actually kicked in the TV because he was ‘a bit annoyed’ with the Royal Tournament programme’).

    If I recall, it was a celebratory Charles and Diana china mug that hurtled to the pavement below (it didn’t hit anyone). My flatmate could never be bothered to visit the loo in the night so would fill up a bucket and empty after a week or so. Piss seems to be a common thread with this post.

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