The Point Blackheath

Beautiful video by Soma on Vimeo. Can’t tell if it’s time-lapse or not. Makes me think it’s time to start running up there again…


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26 responses to “The Point Blackheath

  1. Anonymous

    how to do get to the point? i want to find it on google earth but ‘the point’ doesnt really tell you the adress, thank you.

    • Hi all, The Point is the sharply sloping hill mentioned in this article with a great view out across London

    • Anonymous

      As I have said in a comment below – my daughters took me back to Lewisham/Greenwich/Blackheath a couple of weeks ago and The Point is where I said, go to the top of Blackheath Hill – there is a railing (handrail at the top alongside the road) you are then at the start of the common – look left and in between the houses you will see an area of green grass – walk/drive over to it and that is The Point, the two seats are still there – and there is now a long silver plaque stating what you can see on the sky line. Guess if you didn’t live there years ago you wouldn’t know it was called The Point as there is nothing to suggest it is, apart from when you get there you will see the road is called Point Road.

      • Anonymous

        Others have had similar problems finding The Point – notably a book puffed in today’s Torygraph called “Top 10 Protected views of London”.

        The caption is accurate but the picture is of Blackheath Hill – which I doubt is protected. Obviously the publisher couldn’t find the elusive Point and went for something nearby – and even then used a postcard from Victorian times.
        The book also lists the view from General Gordon’s statue og Greenwich Observatory and Tower Bridge. Errrr..the Observatory should be visible from there as it is a few yards away. Tower Bridge, on the other hand would require the Hubble telescope.
        Still, it all makes easy profits for publishers and work for hard-up freelance hacks, who I understand get three groats a volume for this sort of sh*t. Which accounts for the lack of research effort.

      • Anonymous

        Another comment re: The Point – I was looking on the internet for the church I was married in called Church of the Ascension, Blackheath, and if you put this in google – there is a little map showing where it is and near the top of the map – you will see an area named ‘The Point’ if you go on street view from anywhere on this map you will see it is where I said it is – at the top of the hill – start of the common turn left.

  2. Blank

    where is the point??!??

  3. Bob Land

    What is the point, if one can’t find the point, please point out the point.

  4. Anonymous

    As a teenager my family (including me) lived in the flats half way up Blackheath Hill. My mates and I used to go to The Point just to sit, chat etc and it was at the top of he hill on the left (enclosed by railings) just at the start of the common. The Green Man Pub was on the other side of the road, which I believe has now been pulled down. Fantastic view over London at night, they used to say it was the highest point in London, not sure if that is true! Don’t know why I suddenly decided to put The Point in google, but the video above, exactly as I remember, and I believe only had the two seats which we used to sit on and as far as memory serves (40 odd years ago) that was it, that was The Point!

  5. Kate

    When I was young in the 80’s and the end of the world seemed a real threat. My friends and I decided that when the sirens went to tell us that it was time for the bombs to be dropped we’d all run to the Point and watch London being blown up as it was the best spot.
    Obviously we’d be safe.

  6. k f banhart

    The Point is the best kept secret in Greenwich. Sometimes someone goes there.

  7. Anonymous

    My comment is above (re: As a teenager…..) Am so pleased by Kate’s comment – a lot of people I guess unless you grew up in the area you might not know of it, or if you do – may not know that is what it was called, too long ago for me to remember if there was a plaque saying that this area is called The Point. When I married, my husband had always lived in a village in Essex so I moved there and now most of my family are dead, so do not visit the area anymore. Reason I am making another comment, as I was born in Lewisham and after the family home in Bellingham had a landmine drop on it, after being evacuated and then living with my family at my gran’s house in Sydenham we were allocated a council flat to live in at Blackheath Hill. My best friend and I spent most of the school holidays etc in Greenwich Park, or at the pier,or messing about in another spot on the heath, called Daisy Dell The Park and the pier was very quiet in those days, not the tourist attraction it seems to be now. Anyway my daughters, have booked a night for them; and me, in a hotel in Blackheath village and I am going to re-visit as many places as I remember. If I am right and the Point is where I think it is I will try and make it clearer how to get there. I do have a photo of me sitting on the seat when I was 16 and also the pub I mention(The Green Man) – Henry Cooper at times used to do his training in and also he lived a couple of streets away from us in Bellingham. My brother was at school with him.

  8. Anonymous

    My comment above starting as a teenager …..
    I was so happy to see Kate’s comment.
    Reason I making another comment is that, in May my daughters have booked a night in a hotel in Blackheath Village and are going to take me on a little tour of the places I often talk about of what I and my best friend did, where we went – Greenwich Park & pier, Lewisham the long ago knocked down – Black & White coffee bar, where we met a group of friends most evenings. It was a naive and quiet sort of time, apart from The Teddy Boys! The park, observatory and the pier was very quiet years ago, not the tourist attractions whey seem to be nowadays. Anyway I am hoping The Point will be as easy to find as it was all those years ago and I will try and make another comment of exactly how to get there! I was born in Lewisham, our parents, my brother and I lived in a house in Bellingham, which was bombed out, then we were evacuated and then back to live with my gran in Sydenham, attended senior school in Catford, so many happy memories of SE London. When I married, my husband had always lived in a village in Essex, as my immediate family are now dead, do not have any reason to go back to SE London like I used to, so looking forward to my couple days there.


    • Anonymous

      Sorry for the 2 long comments but when I hit the send button first time, my computer froze so I re-wrote, not realising the first comment had gone through – Shirley

    • Hello Shirley

      I found your post really interesting as I was born in Greenwich, brought up in Blackheath and went to school at Catford County Schol, Belingham Rd. Catford. I now live in Adelaide, Australia but would love to hear from people like yourself, just so many memories !!!

      My e-mail address is.


      Jan Volkmer

    • Hello,Have just read your comments re Blackheath as a young girl during the war.I had an Aunt who lived in Dartmouth Court,which overlooks the heath,and my sister and me would stay with her sometimes.I always loved Blackheath,and I have memories lying awake at night listening to the bombs falling on the London Docks,and the fire engines with their bells ringing racing down the road-Blackheath has always retained a lovely atmosphere-for me its one of the most desirable SE London locations-I live in Austin Texas now-a far cry from my childhood memories-but I do go exploring the area on Google Maps sometimes,and get my dose of nostalgia out of the way-in those days the heath was covered in anti aircraft guns,and if we were lucky we’d find an ice cream treuck on Sundays for a treat-Take care

  9. Bob Land

    In reply to Anonymous, General Gordon? , it is General Wolfe in Greenwich Park or not ?

  10. Bob Land

    Where is The Point exactly, does it start in Greenwich Park ?

    • Anonymous

      It is well to the west of the Park. Zoom in on Googhle maps to the top of Point Hill.

      • Bob Land

        Thanks, Anonymous.
        In all my wanderings around Blackheath , never been up or down Point Hill.

      • Bob Land

        Hi Anonymous,
        I am still not clear as to where The Point actually is, on the video, it looks like a very narrow path, at a height, with railings running along side it, how do you get to The Point, is there a road, lane or alley
        running off Point Hill?


        Bob Land

  11. Jon Lee

    The Point is the area of grassland at the top of Point Hill just as you reach the top of the actual hill, before the road turns. It is enclosed by railings. There is a path around the Point as well. Worth a visit if you have never been. Great views. On a decent day you will see people playing football and stuff, even picnics and barbeques.

    • Bob Land

      Thanks Jon,
      Just had a look on Googe Street View, looking down the Hill , on the left hand side, right next to Point Close, is it that green enclosed area, or the grassy area on the opposite side of the road ?


      Bob Land

  12. Bob Land

    Thanks Anonymous.

    Found it now.
    I was looking at Blackheath Hill, when in fact it is on Point Hill.

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