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Lowering the tone

Blackheath and a disproportionately large Canary Wharf by Flickr user Nicobobinus
City chairman says the politics of envy is causing an exodus of talent – The UK faces an epic struggle to keep its best bankers. Stuart Fraser is leading the charge for the City.

He has been married to his wife Laura for 41 years They live in Blackheath. In his spare time he enjoys travel, walking, golf and the theatre.

It’s articles like this that give Blackheath a bad name. The bankers won’t all move to Hong Kong, because the air there is highly polluted, and no amount of money can buy a solution to that. There’s a reason they give away CityAM for free. If you’re not paying for it, you’re not the customer, you’re the product. Fight the cuts.

(Photo of unreasonably large bankers buildings looming over Blackheath is by Flickr user Nicobobinus. Yes it is photoshopped. It’s a visual metaphor, or something…)

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Travel Lounge becomes Black Vanilla?

Black Vanilla Bakery in Blackheath coming soon
Spotted by a sharp-eyed Mrs Bugle yesterday, looks like we have

a new modern and sophisticated American style bakery and foody shop in London called Black Vanilla. The main menu will consist of smoothies, milkshakes, gelato, baked goods like cupcakes and whoopie pies etc.

From an article discussing the design of their logo.

I’m sure Greggs are terrified. Boulangerie Jade possibly are. Anyway, looks like they’re also hiring bakers:

Black Vanilla is a boutique bakery & gelateria with a reputation for unique artisan cupcakes and baked goods. This is an excellent opportunity for a hard working and enthusiastic baker to join the team at this stunning location.

Some experience in baking morning goods and vienoiserie is essential. The pastry chef position requires an enthusiastic, reliable and dynamic candidate with sound basic experience working with pastry and ideally with American style cake products.

Shifts of 4 hours daily starting at 6.00am. Pay between £7.00 – £8.50 ph depending on experience.

I didn’t know what Vienoiserie meant either. Google says that it has two “n”s, and means french baking in a Viennese style.


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Time for a tidy up?

Road works outside Blackheath Station
You may remember back in February – the last time Southern decided to dig up half the pavement outside the station exit, and then leave it unfinished for weeks. This time around, there’s only one exit from the station at night, and it’s directly over Southern Electricity’s Assault Course. The most ridiculous thing is that the barriers appear to be shielding nothing!

They engineers could have put the lids back on, and taken the barriers away until the next time. Instead, the lids are left by the side, with blooming great holes for old/blind/drunk people to fall into when the flimsy plastic barriers have been shoved out of the way.

So, people of Blackheath, maybe the mess should be tidied up for them? How about putting the concrete lids back over the holes, and relocating the barriers to somewhere else … The question is where to?


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Cave Map overlaid on Google Earth

Blackheath Caverns map overlaid on Google Earth
UPDATE: Several people pointed out that the map was oriented wrongly. I think I’ve corrected it now, but please feel free to correct it yourself (.kmz file), and send me a more accurate version! Incorrect version was here.

Here’s the map of the Blackheath Cavern from 1946 (mentioned in the previous post) overlaid onto Google Earth. I couldn’t work out how to get it into Google Maps unfortunately. Zoomed out version below (old map is in the top left corner, village is at the bottom).

Blackheath Map of Caverns from 1946 overlaid on google earth


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Map of caves beneath Blackheath from 1946

Blackheath Caves Craske Report from 1946 found by Subterranean Greenwich and Kent

Brilliant find by Subterranean Greenwich and Kent – an old document precisely defining where the caves are beneath Blackheath.


Here’s the full text from the scans, OCR’d using Google Docs, then tidied up by me (apologies for any typos):

On June 29th, 1946, a large number of members of the Society availed themselves of a unique opportunity of inspecting the Blackheath Cavern. The advisability of closing the shaft, excavated in 1940 with the object of re-discovering the Cavern, had been under discussion by the Greenwich Borough Council, and it had been decided that the time had arrived for this to be done. A final inspection by members of the Council had been arranged, Continue reading


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Blackheath from Above

Aerial photos shot from a remote control plane over Blackheath, taken by James Good.
The photos are from an unusual perspective- these don’t look like Google maps of the area – they really give a bird’s eye view.

Blackheath Aerial Photo 3


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Christmas Lights On

Blackheath High Street after the Christmas Lights switch on

After the testing a couple of weeks back, and two countdowns, the Blackheath Christmas Lights are finally on. Not Nick Ferrari this time – someone called Kevin who I didn’t recognise (although apparently he’s famous?) Kevin Bridges, and a fairly gloomy theological analysis from Father Nick, the Christmas Lights finally switched on.

It’s amazing how many people show up in the village to watch some bulbs (LEDs) switch on. In this age of high definition 3D entertainment, you’d think it would get overlooked (Mrs Bugle says it’s a very European phenomenon).

Anyway, they look lovely. The lights over the chipshop parade seemed to be forgotten about, but came on shortly afterwards. The (rather blurry) photos show before and after, but aren’t taken from exactly the same perspective, unfortunately. The Salvation Army were also parping away in a jolly fashion – audio is below.

Audio mp3 of the Salvation Army playing God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman.

Blackheath High Street before the Christmas Lights switch on


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