Strange lines on the Heath

David writes:

“Frost or snow always reveals these odd lines outside the Princess Of Wales. I’ve taken similar pictures a few times and always forgot to send them to you.

Very odd!”

Does anyone know? Sewage pipes maybe?


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8 responses to “Strange lines on the Heath

  1. Bob Land

    If you go onto Google Earth , zoom right in , and on other parts of the Heath,
    Shooters Hill Road area, Blackheath Vale and then facing the Church
    you will see, that they are old chalk lines of sports pitches, football,
    maybe rugby and hockey

  2. I notice the man hole covers on pond road are always quickly clear of snow and ice, maybe the sewer pipes are quite warm?

  3. I agree with Bob Land. They’re all over the heath, but the odd circle and semicircle confirms it: they’re mainly football pitches. The chalk from the lines, year after year, fertilises the grass — the blades are distinctly longer, and the snow has melted/blown away faster. It’s not just sports pitches, though– there are some pipes, mainly for telecoms cables, across the heath and these also leave crop marks, and there are probably some archaeological marks from circuses and fairs, postwar prefabs and allotments, and other things. There’s another cluster in Church Field, the area between All Saints’ church and Duke Humphrey Road, which I used to notice in the summer when taking my kids to All Saints’ school.

  4. Moosh

    My dad told me as a kid that the lines (that arn’t obvious football pitches) are from the war days when temporary shelters were built on the heath to house people who’s houses had been hit by the drops, especially around where the library is where the church was bombed.

  5. Bob Land

    As far as I can remember, the only temporary shelters built on the Heath, after the war, were Prefabs over the whole length of St. Germans Place,adjacent to the road itself.

    • Anonymous

      Wartime pix also show Nissen huts the length of Prince Charles Road and part of what was Long Pond Road [now a foot/cycle path].

      During hot summers old foundation lines also emerge in areas behind the church. These may be the remnants of extensive Army activity going back to the late 19thC. I must re-consult my Neil Rhind bible.

  6. Anonymous

    I have one pic on my PC that is still available on the Greenwich Phantom blog:

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