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Blackheath: A Ghost Story

Demon carving in Blackheath Cavern
Just as you’re settling down with your glass of sherry in front of a warm fire to watch Whistle And I’ll Come To You, a creepy thought… This is one of the most striking images from the excellent Subterranean Greenwich and Kent website. Just think, deep below Blackheath, in a freezing cold sealed cavern, the demon’s head sits in the dank air, looking out across a hidden lair…
(Terrifying 1968 version of Whistle And I’ll Come To You is here. Hopefully the remake will do it justice…)


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Strange lines on the Heath

David writes:

“Frost or snow always reveals these odd lines outside the Princess Of Wales. I’ve taken similar pictures a few times and always forgot to send them to you.

Very odd!”

Does anyone know? Sewage pipes maybe?


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