They can’t both be right

Above is a map showing the location of all the Greenwich council-owned gritting bins. It’s a great idea, built and conceived by and Jo Brodie. The interesting thing is the lack of bins on the Lewisham side…

Why? Because…

“The Council has been advised against providing salt/grit bins. Our experience has been that bins are frequently vandalised and the salt and grit thrown into neighbouring gardens.” Lewisham Council’s website.

Clearly they haven’t been advised by Greenwich Council, who seem to think that gritting bins are a great idea. Maybe when you step across the Great Wall of Blackheath, the locals are suddenly unable to resist flinging handfuls of gravel into gardens!


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2 responses to “They can’t both be right

  1. Maybe they are both right. In all honesty I’d agree that Greenwich residents are a lot more civilised! I live in one of the ‘nicer’ areas of Lewisham borough and people here just don’t seem to care about where they live. However I have noticed that the council have dumped piles of salt on every street corner. There is a pile outside my house which gets replenished every day or two. I have nothing but good things to say about Lewisham Council and their contractor Conway who have handled the situation brilliantly – which comes as a great surprise!

  2. AM

    Our street (in Lewisham) has a gritting bin, though this year the bags of gritting salt were left next to it.

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