Lowering the tone

Blackheath and a disproportionately large Canary Wharf by Flickr user Nicobobinus
City chairman says the politics of envy is causing an exodus of talent – The UK faces an epic struggle to keep its best bankers. Stuart Fraser is leading the charge for the City.

He has been married to his wife Laura for 41 years They live in Blackheath. In his spare time he enjoys travel, walking, golf and the theatre.

It’s articles like this that give Blackheath a bad name. The bankers won’t all move to Hong Kong, because the air there is highly polluted, and no amount of money can buy a solution to that. There’s a reason they give away CityAM for free. If you’re not paying for it, you’re not the customer, you’re the product. Fight the cuts.

(Photo of unreasonably large bankers buildings looming over Blackheath is by Flickr user Nicobobinus. Yes it is photoshopped. It’s a visual metaphor, or something…)

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One response to “Lowering the tone

  1. Buster

    Thanks for vocalizing how ridiculous this line of argument is. Do we really want to be held to ransom by banks because that’s what this logic amounts to. ‘If we don’t give bankers all of our first-born children, they may move away where they can get their hands on an unlimited supply of first-born children.’

    And in the process take their kids out of school and abandon their extended families and friends, social networks and comfortable lifestyles etc. all to make a little more dough? Many of these people already make well more than they have waking hours to spend.

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