Travel Lounge becomes Black Vanilla?

Black Vanilla Bakery in Blackheath coming soon
Spotted by a sharp-eyed Mrs Bugle yesterday, looks like we have

a new modern and sophisticated American style bakery and foody shop in London called Black Vanilla. The main menu will consist of smoothies, milkshakes, gelato, baked goods like cupcakes and whoopie pies etc.

From an article discussing the design of their logo.

I’m sure Greggs are terrified. Boulangerie Jade possibly are. Anyway, looks like they’re also hiring bakers:

Black Vanilla is a boutique bakery & gelateria with a reputation for unique artisan cupcakes and baked goods. This is an excellent opportunity for a hard working and enthusiastic baker to join the team at this stunning location.

Some experience in baking morning goods and vienoiserie is essential. The pastry chef position requires an enthusiastic, reliable and dynamic candidate with sound basic experience working with pastry and ideally with American style cake products.

Shifts of 4 hours daily starting at 6.00am. Pay between £7.00 – £8.50 ph depending on experience.

I didn’t know what Vienoiserie meant either. Google says that it has two “n”s, and means french baking in a Viennese style.


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33 responses to “Travel Lounge becomes Black Vanilla?

  1. Tim

    Two chaps working on the awning shortly before 7 this morning – looks like opening is imminent

  2. Steve Thomson

    Viennoiserie…dinky little versions of grown-up croissants, pain au raisins etc.

  3. Ed

    I m suprised it’s been empty for so long . Good news it’s not an estate agent or curry place.

  4. Nick

    Be nice if they did proper coffee roasting, rather than us being stuck with the “choice” of beans from HMF or St*rb*cks.

  5. Isabella

    I have been told by a mother at montessori that they will be offering freshly roasted coffee from NZ coffee roasters Allpress, have had this coffee in NZ and have to say it was the best I have ever had! Really looking forward to having a vibrant new business in the village and Italian gelato well that certainly gets my vote and my sons.

    • House of joy

      Oh do stop going on ab out gelato – it is only the singular of the plural gelati – ie one ice cream. A bit like paninis – panini is the plural, one is a panino! But look at the colours of those gelati!! Better not feed them to the children or they will go hyper!

      • Isabella

        House of Joy (really not an appropriate name for you as you seem so miserable) but I am Italian and as any Italian will know real gelato is much better than any ice cream. Also Italian gelato is never made with artificial colours so the beautiful colour from Italian gelato is natural. I spoke to the owner and he said they make the gelato fresh on site with organic milk and that the blend come from Italy. As far as I am concerned it’s better than any other offering in South East London. And as an Italian there is nothing better than our gelato.

  6. Lou

    Seriously?? Does Blackheath really need another Coffee house/bakery????
    I have just counted 9 off the top of my head, and have probably missed some.
    Ridiculous. But as you say better than an estate agent I guess..

    • Adam

      In answer to your question YES. Have you ever tasted any of the coffee in Blackheath? Have to agree with Nick for anyone who knows anything about coffee the offering in the Village is dismal. Would definitely welcome a decent coffee house.

    • Perhaps you would prefer a betting shop? We’ve got a few spare ones.

  7. Lisa

    None of the other bakeries are currently catering for Blackheath’s extensive Whoopee pie market though ..

  8. Lucinda

    It actually says boutique bakery and gelateria, as far as I am aware there is no establishment in Blackheath or most of South East London that offers gelato. Have had really fantastic gelato in Naples have to say that I am quite excited about seeing if Black Vanilla can live up to my expectations. I think that a nice gelateria is perfect for Blackheath. As far as I am concerned there is no decent coffee to be had in Blackheath, so am really looking forward to trying this All Press brand. Again I agree much better than another estate agents.

  9. ElizaF

    A bookshop would be a more useful addition to the village …. ideally in exchange for that dreadful “Booze Buster”-signed newsagent

  10. Tudor

    AllPress just got teh best reviews for Coffee from which magazine.

  11. James

    Read an article in the Evening Standard which rated all the high street coffee houses and Allpress were the only ones to receive 5/5, coffee at Black Vanilla sounds promising.

  12. Christiana

    I’ve just been to black vanilla as I saw it opened today and I was impressed! Wonderful cupcakes and great coffee in this freezing weather! And looks very nice inside too.

  13. Nicola

    Seemed a bit small when I walked past…is there somewhere to sit in there or take away only?
    Agree that the coffee offering in Blackheath is poor, but I do love Hand Made Food’s bacon sandwiches!!

  14. House of joy

    Black Vanilla? I don’t give it very long in Blackheath Village. The coffee is no worse than at any of the other places. The decor is vulgar (look at the ceiling light!) and the colour of the ice-creams is frightening. In a way I’m glad because I thought it would be selling very tempting eats – it isn’t . Agree about the bacon sandwiches – now they are tempting!

  15. William

    Can’t believe the last comment, took my son in today and absolutely loved the placed. The decor is contemporary and refreshing and the best looking place in Blackheath to sit down and have a coffee by far. It was so very busy when we went in and each time I walk past people are always in and out. So i’m afraid I don’t agree with the last comment, I think that if so many people are eating this delicious gelato in the winter Black Vanilla is going to be doing very well in the months ahead and good luck to them, they deserve it as it’s a great place.

  16. Ed

    Yes good luck to them .

  17. Sandra

    Absolutely fab decor and gelato is to die for, not a coffee drinker myself but my husband had an expresso and said it was the best he had ever had. Also the presentation of coffee is beautiful, staff are smartly dresses and very friendly. Will definitely be back. Also the shop is an independent not a chain so much happier to support the independents.

  18. Sophia

    Love the place the carrot cupcake was the best I have ever had. Will certainly be taking my parents when they visit this weekend.

  19. Graham

    Best looking shop in the Village, with outstanding cupcakes and coffee.

  20. John

    although not a chain I would think there is more than one?

  21. Ed

    Wonder why they have so few seats ? think they have put an internal wall in.

  22. Marion

    Most probably something to do with the council after the Starbucks nonsense.

  23. Jim

    Tried googling for website for website but only found a restaurant with the same name …

  24. Marni

    Delicious ice cream and great coffee. They are also opening a champagne bar and gelateria in Greenwich in the spring

  25. Dominic

    A flat white is £2.35 at Monmouth. It’s £2.90 at Black Vanilla.

    • Patricia

      No comparison much rather the Allpress coffee much better coffee by far so am happy to pay that bit more. My husband had the size smaller at £2.50 will definitely go back, much nicer than any of the other coffee houses in Blackheath.

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