Time for a tidy up?

Road works outside Blackheath Station
You may remember back in February – the last time Southern decided to dig up half the pavement outside the station exit, and then leave it unfinished for weeks. This time around, there’s only one exit from the station at night, and it’s directly over Southern Electricity’s Assault Course. The most ridiculous thing is that the barriers appear to be shielding nothing!

They engineers could have put the lids back on, and taken the barriers away until the next time. Instead, the lids are left by the side, with blooming great holes for old/blind/drunk people to fall into when the flimsy plastic barriers have been shoved out of the way.

So, people of Blackheath, maybe the mess should be tidied up for them? How about putting the concrete lids back over the holes, and relocating the barriers to somewhere else … The question is where to?


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7 responses to “Time for a tidy up?

  1. Bernard Cribbers and ‘there I was, diggin’ this ‘ole, ‘ole in the ground, big and sorta round………’ springs to mind!!

  2. I’m so fed up with Blackheath Station right now. The footbridge is the bane of my life – they could at least put a ticket machine somewhere so you don’t have to walk back the length of the other platform to use one.

    Anyway I came here to ask if you’d seen this: http://www.newsshopper.co.uk/news/8737037.TRAVEL__Southeastern_strike_action_vote_begins/

    Can you believe it?! The nerve of it!!

    • Hmm.. I bet they treat their workers as badly (if not worse) than they treat their customers though… Take a look at http://twitter.com/train_driver

    • Michele O'Brien

      Just to keep matters clear before this turns into a general moan-in about things in general, I think it only fair to bear in mind that …

      – Southern Gas Networks, the outfit responsible for the current work on the pavement outside Blackheath Station
      – Southern, the train operating company that runs train services through Blackheath Station


      – Network Rail, the outfit responsible for Britain’s rail infrastructure that includes Blackheath Station, the tracks and signalling, that horrible passenger bridge over the lines, and the installation of the passenger lift there which will be a great boon when finished …

      … are three separate entities.

  3. I just wanted to let Bugle know about the strike. Also just had this from our Green Assembly Members after I complained about SE trains:

    “I understand your concerns and will table a formal question to the Mayor of London to pursue this wiith Southeastern on behalf of Londoners. “

  4. Michele O'Brien

    Of course, it’s SouthEastern that runs the train services through Blackheath (on good days), not Southern. My apologies for my silly error.

    But Bugle Blog readers do take my point, I hope – SouthEastern, Southern Gas Networks and Network Rail are three separate entities none of which is responsible for the “sins” of the other two at Blackheath Station.

    Incidentally, I wonder what female offers of sex for men with hiccups on Southern are like. Come to that, I wonder what they are like at Southern Gas Networks.

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