Blackheath from Above

Aerial photos shot from a remote control plane over Blackheath, taken by James Good.
The photos are from an unusual perspective- these don’t look like Google maps of the area – they really give a bird’s eye view.

Blackheath Aerial Photo 3


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6 responses to “Blackheath from Above

  1. great view from up above!

  2. Ed

    Wow great photos. I wonder how the photo was triggered.

  3. That’s a good question. How easy is it to fly a remote control plane? What would you need to take videos up there? I’ll email him and ask!

  4. The shutter is triggered from my radio transmitter. I use a small Pentax Optio camera. Glad you enjoyed them, I’ll get some more on the next calm, sunny morning (if we ever have one, that is!).


  5. Michele O'Brien

    Hi James. This in ingenious.

    A couple of techie questions.

    Do you on the ground have a picture monitor link to the camera in the plane so that you can see what shots you want to take from the air? Or do you just have to guess from the plane’s position in the sky when to fire the camera shutter via the transmitter link?

    I’m guessing the latter, which makes the resulting pictures extra impressive.

    And question #2, what height was the plane flying at when the pictures were taken?

    I’d imagine a bright, cold, sunny winter morning such as we have been promised soon would be ideal for this sort of thing.

    • Hi Michele,

      It’s the latter, I have to guess when to release the shutter. I take quite a few shots, and a few will come out. If you look on my site, you’ll see some pics from my previous home town (Miami), up to about 900ft up! It’s a tiny spec, and slightly terrifying up that high.


      Yes, waiting on a nice calm, sunny morning to get some higher pics. I think a different vantage point from Greenwich Park might be interesting too. I’ll let BB know when I get some.

      Thanks for the interest!


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