Christmas Lights On

Blackheath High Street after the Christmas Lights switch on

After the testing a couple of weeks back, and two countdowns, the Blackheath Christmas Lights are finally on. Not Nick Ferrari this time – someone called Kevin who I didn’t recognise (although apparently he’s famous?) Kevin Bridges, and a fairly gloomy theological analysis from Father Nick, the Christmas Lights finally switched on.

It’s amazing how many people show up in the village to watch some bulbs (LEDs) switch on. In this age of high definition 3D entertainment, you’d think it would get overlooked (Mrs Bugle says it’s a very European phenomenon).

Anyway, they look lovely. The lights over the chipshop parade seemed to be forgotten about, but came on shortly afterwards. The (rather blurry) photos show before and after, but aren’t taken from exactly the same perspective, unfortunately. The Salvation Army were also parping away in a jolly fashion – audio is below.

Audio mp3 of the Salvation Army playing God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman.

Blackheath High Street before the Christmas Lights switch on


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4 responses to “Christmas Lights On

  1. Anonymous

    Think it was comedian Kevin Bridges – he’s performing at the Blackheath Halls tonight.

  2. Really enjoyed it last year (apart from the theology bit). Still, shame I missed it this year – I assumed it wasn’t happening or that I’d missed it because the lights seemed already to be on (the testing). Was it well advertised in the village? Missed it, oops.

  3. I remember when Terry Waite turned on the lights – the year he was released. I also remember when he was abducted and Mrs Waite asked that all the yellow ribbons throughout the village be taken down. When he was released we had an interfaith thanksgiving service – the church was packed.

    I also remember Bernard Hill turning on the lights and Ray Moore’s widow being very much part of the proceedings. Lovely lady.

    It was an event that at that time, the BVT led by Ray Leask put on and we always looked forward to it.

    Happy days!

  4. Does anyone know why India Jane hasn’t joined in the Blackheath Christmas Lights? I was intrigued as everyone else has the lights hanging over their shop fronts!

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