It must be snowing…

It’s that time of year – time for the up-the-nostril shots from your favourite London News programme… Here’s a clip (the proper version will appear here eventually).


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6 responses to “It must be snowing…

  1. Eve

    I saw the woman doing the filming! She asked if she could interview me on behalf of the BBC, but I thought of your blog, Mr Bugle, and didn’t want an image of my nostrils transmitted to the whole of London…

  2. I’m the bloke in the black hat on there. Oddly, the interview delayed me from stalking off the station and finding a bus to Lewisham — and just as we finished Mr Hensteeth (work it out) the announcer told us there would be a train in five minutes. It was fairly uncumfortable, but I’ve been on worse from Blackheath to Cannon Street. That’s what’s so reliable about Southeastern Trains: consistently crap, summer and winter.

  3. Mary

    BBC London are OBSESSED with travel stories.
    BBC London newsroom 4.30pm one Tuesday:

    ‘ There’s a story about Camilla having her head chopped-off with a piece of cardboard in Argyle Street’
    ‘What about this just coming in – London voted best city in the world by French people..?’
    Nah – surely there’s a travel story somewhere?’
    Yes, there is – hallelujah!! Six leaves found on rail-line between Lewisham and Hither Green’
    ‘ Brilliant – run it on the 6.30pm news’

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