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It must be snowing…

It’s that time of year – time for the up-the-nostril shots from your favourite London News programme… Here’s a clip (the proper version will appear here eventually).


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Igloo on the Heath

Igloo on Blackheath
Gossip overheard by Mrs Bugle on the bus (attempting to get to work).

Two 15 year old girls:

“There’s a big igloo on the heath, they were up til 2am building it!”

Spotted by Simon Berriman on Twitter.

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SouthEastern don’t bother to tell passengers what’s happening

Excellent post at 853blog about the hopeless lack of info by SouthEastern:

You have dynamic message board displays. Why don’t you use them?

You have an information post. Why doesn’t it work?

You have a PA system. When it eventually crackles into action, why is the person operating it barely able to speak, and the volume too low?

I know why. We aren’t your customers. You don’t give a shit about us. The only thing you care about is the cosy negotiation between the government’s rail regulators (who want less public subsidy of the railways), and your lawyers, who will find every possible loophole in the operating agreements.

Start again. Nationalise the lot of them.


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Snow Covered Blackheath Video

By Henry Williams. Watch in super HD whilst you wait for your train not to turn up.

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