Access for All, eventually…

So it begins. If you want go into London from Blackheath station, you’ll have to get onto the wrong platform, then cross over the rickety bridge… This work is to improve the station (junk food machines count as an improvement apparently), and to allow disabled access. The work was originally planned to be completed back in 2008. I think it was funded by the previous government’s Access for All policy, but I’m having trouble locating the planning documents… Anyway, according to Network Rail, the work should be finished by spring. That’s right. If spring means April, it will have taken 4-5 months to improve the station.

£1300 for a zone 1-3 ticket, and still no seats on the trains…


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11 responses to “Access for All, eventually…

  1. Saqib

    The problem with getting a seat on the train is the number of stations the train stops at before it reaches Blackheath. All SouthEastern need to do is route a 2 trains between 8 and 9am to miss a few station before BKH and it will ease congestion. I’m hoping that “rickety” bridge looks much less rickety now that it’s finally inuse

  2. Kat Balyuzi

    Oh no! I time my morning walk to arrive exactly as the train pulls in to the platform. I’m going to have to get out of bed earlier! I was so asleep this morning I didn’t even notice this sign.

    Also, it seems a bit ridiculous starting the work before Christmas, when everything will probably grind to a halt anyway. Roll on spring and more lie ins!

  3. Bob Land

    I wonder how the disabled will cope trying to cross the rickety bridge ?

  4. Michele O'Brien

    You do realize, I hope, Mr. Bugle, that all those interesting and informative photographs of yours taken on Blackheath railway station property of station facilities, station notices and station staff and posted on this website are illegal under railway regulations? You ain’t supposed to do it and if you get caught taking them you could be for the high jump.

  5. Ed

    Are they going to open the side entrance to help the flow / bottlenecks ? Seems only the Marathon gets the gate open…

  6. Michele O'Brien

    According to NATIONAL RAIL ENQUIRIES: GUIDELINES FOR RAIL ENTHUSIASTS you need prior permission to take any photographs on railway premises that are not intended for anything but personal use, eg. trainspotters. And you’re not allowed to take any pictures of any security equipment at any station at any time, and that includes CCTV equipment.

    “Taking photographs on stations is permitted providing it is for personal use. For any commercial photography, prior permission must be sought … Flash photography on platforms is not allowed as it may distract the attention of train drivers and train despatch staff … You are also not allowed to take photographs of security related equipment such as CCTV cameras.”

    This Blackheath Bugle picture from a couple of years ago clearly shows CCTV equipment on Blackheath station –

    Naughty Mr. Bugle! I’m a journalist and I think these regulations are irksome, ridiculous, unnecessary, smack of petty officialdom run wild and are easy to flout. But they are the regulations and the Railway Police if they were feeling sufficiently bloody-minded could feel your collar.

    • But I’m not a rail enthusiast. The trains drive me nuts every morning.The blog is non-commercial (that’s why I’m able to use many photos from Flickr published under a Creative Commons license). And thirdly, I’m highly anonymous…. There is no collar to feel! (Runs and hides back in his cave beneath the heath again)

  7. Eve

    Does anyone know what’s happened to all the Metros? I know there’s still a small stand of them on Platform 1, near the waiting room, but it’s always empty when I go there in the morning, yet I see people on the platform carrying Metros. I’m feeling a bit lonely on the trains without my morning newspaper…

  8. Blackheathen

    UPDATE! (9 March 2011). I spoke to one of the workmen at Blackheath station this morning. Asked when the work/lift would be completed. “Not for Months” was his reply, and I don’t think he was taking the p**s. WTF?! Call me cynical but this is either one of the greatest civil engineering projects ever, and ranks alongside The Hoover Dam, Golden Gate Bridge and Victoria Rail Terminus in Mumbai, or it’s a case of spinning out a cosy public works contract at a time when there aren’t many to be had!

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