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Fresh mint coming soon!

Selecta Vending Machines in Blackheath Station
Dear Selecta,

Thanks ever so much for adding your vending machines to Blackheath Station. The machine isn’t filled up yet, but I notice there’s a poster on the side of it, suggesting the kinds of food it will contain. From the look of the poster, I’m really looking forward to being able to purchase:

  • fresh oranges (and their peel)
  • cappucino (with chocolate sprinkled on top)
  • crumbly dark chocolate
  • iced water in a glass
  • and mint!

Please can you let me know when these things will be available, as other machines tend to stock Pot Noodles, Twixes, HulaHoops, and lots of other rather unhealthy processed food!


The Bugle.


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