Blackheath Fireworks 2010 Roundup

So yet again, Bugle-Dad-birthday (and a wedding to attend) meant that Mr & Mrs Bugle could not, and possibly will never manage to attend the biggest and best fireworks display held in their back garden (almost). So instead, to compensate I have re-lived the event by tragically staring into my laptop screen, whilst waving a sparkler. More below:

Lovely high definition video of the fireworks, from a Nokia phone (youtube user macintoshmorrisson)

An historical perspective on bonfire night in Blackheath from Andreas Moser, with links to more youtube videos.

“As far as I am aware, this is the only country that annually celebrates the failure of an assassination attempt on its head of state.”

When you put it like that, it does sound a bit odd…

Another HD video of the fireworks (no point in watching them at a lower rate!)

Great photo by Liam Hayter. Makes me wish I’d been there.

dclovell on twitter:

Blackheath fireworks were great. Lewisham Council showed Greenwich how to do it: big, not too long, no awful music.

Perry Luke on twitter:

All of Blackheath is engulfed in a thick low-lying smoke. Quite amazing, feels like a film set.

AnnaBucks on Twitter:

Blackheath fireworks. The best thing Lewisham Council does.

Apart from, you know, the schools, hospitals, GPs, libraries, etc etc :)


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12 responses to “Blackheath Fireworks 2010 Roundup

  1. Both I and my partner, who have been going for many years, were underwhelmed this time.

    And are very amused by the comments telling us how wonderful Lewisham suddenly are.

    If they are so good then they don’t need Greenwich’s money, do they?

    Wonders if we should play “spot the Lewisham sock-puppets” in the comments…

  2. Forgot to add:

    We’d have happily contributed a pound or two each.

    But was there anywhere obvious that we could have done that?

    Err. No…

  3. Eve

    I’d have to disagree with Steve – I thought the fireworks this year were excellent, and as someone said in the blog post, not too long either. In the past few years, they extended the show from 20 minutes to 30 without really adding anything good in those extra 10 minutes.

    As for donations, I saw plenty of people carrying buckets in Blackheath Village…

    Oh, and I’m not from Lewisham Council.

    • @Eve

      Not everyone walks through Blackheath village.

      Perhaps the Bugle should enquire into just how much those bucket-carriers raised???

      • Eve

        That’s true, Steve. I was just trying to point out that there were some buckets, and that they weren’t being outrageously incompetent. Mind you, my friend walked to the heath from Maze Hill and she saw people with buckets as well.

  4. Gwilym

    Stil buzzing. Best fireworks for a good few years, made all the better for the lack of music. Absolutely tremendous, despite getting covered in ash!

    Agree with someone above, saw no collection buckets. Have donated a few quid online tho.

  5. The videos are beautiful but as someone who really doesn’t enjoy fireworks I was glad at how quiet and short-lived the event was compared with last year’s. Makes a pleasant change!

  6. Hi Bugle,

    Here is my yearly contribution to the fireworks videos:

    Best Wishes

  7. John

    Well they were good, but I think they’re better when synchronised with music. From my flat I could hear them testing the speakers by playing music a couple of times on Friday and Saturday as they’ve done on previous years, so my guess is that the lack of music was due to a cock up and not a deliberate decision.

  8. Thanks for including me in your blog!
    I am more on the side of the ones who prefer the version with music. I found 2010 great, but I was really impressed by the combination of fireworks and music in 2009.

  9. Bill

    I refuse to get involved in the petty ‘Battle of the Councils’ arguments above.
    Regardless of how they were funded, these were by far the best fireworks I’ve seen up at Blackheath in recent years.
    No question about that whatsoever.

  10. Richard

    I think that Lewisham council should have far more essential things to go spending their money on. I too was disappointed to see so few collection buckets, and I feel deeply uneasy at Lewisham residents having to pick up the bill.

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