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Meeting about Huntsman’s Field Property Development

There’s a meeting to discuss the plans to build on the Huntsman’s Field, at 8pm on Thursday 4th November. It’s being held at St Michael & All Angel’s Church Hall, Pond Road, Blackheath. Apparently it is for Cator Estate shareholders only, although I’m not sure how they’ll check, and indeed whether that’s really fair. Anyone trying to get the train in the morning will be affected by the building of hundreds of new flats in Blackheath.

The residents association are opposing the development on the grounds that it:

  • will provide an unsafe and dangerous junction at the corner of Manor Way/Brooklands Park will generate additional motor traffic
  • could very easily provide a ‘cut through link’ for all traffic from the KDA to the Cator Estate, vastly increasing (and introducing third party) traffic movement and volumes on the Cator Estate
  • will detrimentally affect the character of the Conservation Area and amenity of the Cator Estate
  • will detrimentally affect the character and amenity of the Cator Estate by virtue of the height and scale of certain buildings on the north boundary (being some 3-3.5 storeys) and the western boundary (3-5 storeys)

Don’t forget, the wonderful thing about our planning laws is that the developers only have to win once. See Foxtons, for example.

More details in their newsletter (PDF).


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