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Blackheath Fireworks VIP ticket goes for £1k on eBay

So now we know. The final bid for the Blackheath Fireworks VIP ticket was £1000. Placed by the mysterious “0***o” (an anonymous name given by eBay) on October 28th at 7:21am, the user has 0% positive feedback, so let’s just hope it’s not a spoof account. In the meantime, I’m personally looking forward to the bidding for the “pay to get your wheelie-bins left back where you put them” auction. Should be a corker.

Item number: 330487371384
Winning bid: £1,000.00
Reserve met
Bidders: 13
Bids: 64
Time Ended: 31-Oct-10 17:36:43 GMT
Duration: 10 days
Info This item has ended.
Only actual bids (not automatic bids generated up to a bidder’s maximum) are shown.
Automatic bids may be placed days or hours before a listing ends.
Bidder Member Id: 0***o ( 1 )
Bid Amount £1,000.00
Bid Time 28-Oct-10 07:21:03 BST

Bidding Details

Bidder Information
Bidder: 0***o ( 1 )
Feedback: 0% Positive
Bids on this item: 1

30-Day Summary
Total bids: 1
Items bid on: 1
Bid activity (%) with this seller: 100% Help
Bid retractions: 0
Bid retractions (6 months): 0

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Blackheath Fireworks eBay bids ending in an hour…

So the great Lewisham Council eBay experiment ends in just under an hour. It’s currently up at £1000. What do you think the end price will be? Correct answer gets a damp squib… Graph above by me, based on my dodgy data munging here.

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Next time you go through an airport, boots in hand…

Richard Reid, who went to school in Blackheath, from Wikipedia
Just back from holiday, and couldn’t help remembering back to this piece in the Guardian.

When you’re performing the required turn of security theatre at Heathrow, spare a thought for Blackheath’s most infamous school-boy.

Image from Wikipedia.

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You walk past this every day…

Logo showing The Phoenix Foundry Company, Derby, at Blackheath Station
…if you take the train. I really like the logo – it looks so solid, and reminds you that people used to know how to manufacture things in this country! The Phoenix Foundry, who built the posts that hold up Blackheath’s station roof, also built parts of Nottingham station. The foundry was built on Canary Island in Derby, so called because it was surrounded by canals on all sides. More info about the company, and its various names at the National Archives. Poster below, advertising the “Phoenix’s Steam Engines and Thrashing Machines” from a website called revolutionary players:
Poster promoting the Phoenix Foundry from 1800-1900

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Lost a black & white cat?

Lost black and white cat
The poster is a bit washed up now, but here’s the text from it:

This black and white kitten / young cat was found at 123A Lee Park on 18/10/10. If this is your cat, please contact Rich on 07772167911. The kitten will be looked after until we find the owner

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