More than 4000 people against closing Blackheath Library

The fight back against Lewisham Council continues – over 4000 people have signed the petition against closing Blackheath library, and in the blog below, Alan Gibbons suggests that the council were already planning the cuts before the new government came into power:

Latest from Lewisham Libraries Campaign

What Lewisham are proposing is intellectual vandalism. It should be stopped. If only that building was listed!


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6 responses to “More than 4000 people against closing Blackheath Library

  1. Yes, it’s a fact that Lewisham Council has been preparing for £60m of cuts since before the election.

  2. Matt

    Does anyone know how many people visit the library each year?

  3. adiewadie247

    It would make no difference if the building was listed. One of the biggest issues as far as I see it is the £70,000 per year it costs to rent the building from the family trust that owns it. It would be good if the terms of the trust could be examined as I suspect that they will not be able to rent it out to another type of organisation.

  4. gillian gadsby

    The petition has nearly 6,000 signatures as of
    1 November and not 4,000.

    Blackheath Village Library Users’ Group at

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