Blackheath hit and run: police asking for witnesses

As reported by many people yesterday, there was a car crash at the junction of Stratheden Road and Charlton Road around Blackheath Standard yesterday, resulting in the death of an elderly lady. An eye-witness emailed me with this info:

Two cars were chasing each other like lunatics and going at very fast speed, I reckon about 90mph. They both nearly hit my car on the Charlton Road before the first one went out of control and crashed into the pedestrian traffic island opposite the Old Dover Road (near M&S)

The really awful thing is that they collided head on with a pedestrian who was killed outright. She wouldn’t have stood a chance at the speed the car was going. It was so fast, that the car took most of the concrete and railings with it.

Amazingly, the driver and passenger weren’t injured but then got out of the car and tried to run away. At least one of them was chased and caught by some builders in the area.

I know the police are keen to take more witness statements of anybody who saw what happened. They really want to get a conviction since this poor pedestrian died so I wondered if you would mind publicising this.

If you know anything, you can call 0300 123 1212 to get through to Greenwich Police.


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8 responses to “Blackheath hit and run: police asking for witnesses

  1. Maisie

    What I would like to do to the @*@&£$% in those cars….Why is it that they are not the ones lying dead in the road??

    I supposed a police shoot to kill policy of all idiot racers is out of the question?!?!?

    • Josh Cohen

      This is terrible! Hope all drivers involoved get a life sentence each.

      Greenwich Council should also put up speed bumps in the area (and cameras). There’s way too much speeding around here (not just these lunatics). I’ve contacted the council about this several times – but to no avail.

      Justice / more road safety.

  2. Brenda

    What absolute w*****s. Im sure there will be enough witnesses to this as a busy area. Sympathies to the bereaved’s family.

  3. Indigo

    There but for the grace … that poor old lady (the NewsShopper says she was in her late 70s but no more information). It could have been you or me.

  4. The driver, if caught, will spend at most 7 years in prison. They will be disqualified from driving — but their disqualification will expire before their prison term.

    No chance of speed bumps — the Daily Mail (and the News Shopper) would whine about a “war on the motorist”.

  5. Dave Prowse

    Two weeks ago I attempted to contact the officer within Greenwich Council responsible for licensing the ‘Runtothebeat’ event. I sought to question what risk assessments had been conducted on the installation of signs publicising the event, particulatly those that had been installed at pedestrain crossings? All crossings at Blackheath Standard , including the one involved in this tragic event, had had signs installed supported using crossing beacon pillars. Signs were installed parallel to the crossings. The signs were at a height of 4-6 feet, of such size they visually obscured oncoming traffic from those stood at crossings, partially obscured pedestrains from a driving perspective & provided inappropraite visual distraction at a complex junction. Despite promising the officer would ‘call back’ I’ve yet to hear from her. I trust investigating traffic officers will take into consideration whether the signs played any part in the chain of events that culminated in this lady’s death. If it is concluded there is a chance they did I for one will feel a sense of guilt at not following up my complaint & I would hope appropriate action would be taken against the ‘thoughtless’ organisers of the event in addition to the licensing authority.

    • I love Blackheath

      Just wanted to leave a message for Dave Prowse. I was at the Standard on Thursday and signage had absolutely nothing to do with the crash, so please don’t feel any guilt. It was quite simply a case of complete scumbags in two cars chasing each other at a lunatic speed in a residential area. The speeds they were travelling at were faster than normal motorway traffic (maybe 90 or 100mph) and it was raining very heavily so the combination was lethal. This accident was COMPLETELY preventable and due to the utter disregard that these yobs had for anybody’s safety. This poor lady had no chance of survival being hit at such an extreme speed. I really hope they lock them up for a very long time and don’t just let them off with suspended sentences and community service. Having seen the carnage caused by these drivers, I think it is a complete miracle that more people weren’t killed since there were so many pedestrians in the area at the time.

  6. Mike

    Sad to hear such news so close to home i remember the day well as i set off to work at 11.30ish.. My Dad/pals later filled me in on the details of this ‘murder’ He was just about 30 seconds behind the hit and run. But not close to be any use as a eye witness as the chain of events had already taken place and the murders already off running. but nice enough to put their work jacket over her. She almost ended up at barclays bank a good 100yards away, not before being taking thru the iron fence. I hope these guys are caught very very soon. I wish i was there to chase i know i would be able to catch em.

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